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Jun 30, 2007 11:38 PM

Temple Bar, Porter Sq., Cambridge

A very hearty portion of pork riblets, a pleasant sweet and spicy sauce, the meat very slightly tough. A slaw on the side could use a bit of editing -- soy sauce brings a umami flavour that is a touch too heavy; a crisp light vinegary slaw would have been better suited to contrast the meaty sweet and spiciness.

I love the raw vegetal sweetness of (pea?) greens as they enhance nicely seared scallops, plump with a good mild oceany flavour, perked up by pink peppercorns. Perhaps there was a bit too much lemon in the buttery sauce, the tanginess overwhelmed the dish a bit. Solid basic gnocchi, firm, not too mushy.

Excellent dessert -- a light sake sabayon suavely balanced a fruity and moist upside down plum cake.

Fairly reasonable prices (apps up to low teens, main courses max out at $24 iirc), but the savoury dishes could be tightened up a bit imho. Fine for what it is, but if what I had was representative, I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

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  1. Hmm.. I've never had anything but inconsistent food there-- glad to hear that maybe it's getting better. A friend and split those pork riblets once-- they were good (meaty, flavored as you describe) so we ordered a second plate, 15 minutes later. The second batch were greasy and each riblet was much fattier-- unpleasantly so. Hard to imagine how a kitchen could tolerate so much range in the same dish.