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Jun 30, 2007 11:26 PM


Here are my favorites down here in Dade, which are your's FLA?

1. Francesco's Coral Gables

2. Jaguar Coconut Grove

3. Salmon Salmon Miami

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  1. The ceviche mixto I had at Puerto De Vallarta in Homestead was quite good. On the west coast of Florida, in Sarasota, Red (formerly Tondero) also has pretty good ceviche. The former is Mexican, the latter Peruvian.

    1. If it's on the menu at Eduardo De San Angel it would totally kick butt.

      1. I'll second Francesco's and add River Oyster Bar (in miami) to the list.

        1. River Oyster Bar in Miami has SUPERB Corvina Ceviche.

          1. Have any ceviche fans tried Goyo El Pollo in Hollywood? I'm not a ceviche expert but I tried the mixed seafood ceviche and it was very good. It''s a casual Peruvian place one block north of Hollywood Blvd in Downtown Hollywood.

            Goyo El Pollo Florida I
            Pembroke Rd Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020

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            1. re: Sobe

              I usually go there for the chicken. I'll have to try the ceviche. Last time we were there, the table next to us got the jalea mixta, which also looked quite good.

              1. re: Nick

                The rotisserie chicken is also very good