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Here are my favorites down here in Dade, which are your's FLA?

1. Francesco's Coral Gables

2. Jaguar Coconut Grove

3. Salmon Salmon Miami

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  1. The ceviche mixto I had at Puerto De Vallarta in Homestead was quite good. On the west coast of Florida, in Sarasota, Red (formerly Tondero) also has pretty good ceviche. The former is Mexican, the latter Peruvian.

    1. If it's on the menu at Eduardo De San Angel it would totally kick butt.

      1. I'll second Francesco's and add River Oyster Bar (in miami) to the list.

        1. River Oyster Bar in Miami has SUPERB Corvina Ceviche.

          1. Have any ceviche fans tried Goyo El Pollo in Hollywood? I'm not a ceviche expert but I tried the mixed seafood ceviche and it was very good. It''s a casual Peruvian place one block north of Hollywood Blvd in Downtown Hollywood.

            Goyo El Pollo Florida I
            Pembroke Rd Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020

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              I usually go there for the chicken. I'll have to try the ceviche. Last time we were there, the table next to us got the jalea mixta, which also looked quite good.

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                The rotisserie chicken is also very good

            2. Francesco's for me! Although I have to admit I haven't done River Oyster Bar...it is on my to do list this month ;-)

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                Francescos blows River out of the water...no pun intended! Not that River's Ceviche isn't good, in fact very good...it's just that Francesco's is excellent! And their 'Acebichado de Tuna $ 15.00 Seared tuna topped with Francesco's Aji amarillo sauce and chopped scallions' is out of this world...another amazing dish there is Riso Nero con Fruti de Mare $ 26.00 Rice, shrimp and scallops on our superb squid ink sauce.

                This place is a must for seafood and Peruvian cuisine lovers...actually they do a very nice beef dish known as Lomo Saltado $ 26.00 Sautéed black angus beef tenderloin with onions and tomatoes, enriched with red wine and soy sauce, served with mushroon Tacu Tacu as well.

              2. Don't know what happened on that post...

                Anyways... Francesco's for me! Although I have to admit I haven't done River Oyster Bar...it is on my to do list this month ;-)

                1. I like almost all of the dozen or so different ceviches on Douglas Rodriguez at Ola has on his menu.

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                    you know what? I always forget to give him his due in this category...you are right! DR is a Ceviche MD for sure! Good add.

                  2. I have a badass ceviche recipe...does anyone want it?

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                      Yes would love to have a great recipe!

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                        So what's up with that recipe? Can you hook me up?

                      2. goyo el pollo downtown hollywood. Outstanding

                        1. I'll second Francesco's , i think this is by far the best ceviche, River Oyster Bar have a good one too.

                          1. I had a really good octopus ceviche at Area 31, new restaurant in the Epic hotel in downtown Miami. Several other "crudo" dishes on the menu. More info here ->


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                              Francesco's is my favorite. Jaguar is also a favorite. The local snapper/grouper ceviche at Michael's Genuine is also pretty freakin good.

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                                Hey Miami Hounds! This list is so old! I bet you have a bunch of new places to add on. How's Cvi.che 105? Or DeRodriguez Ocean? And how are the old timers faring?

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                                  Cvi.che 105 is one of the best restaurants in Miami today. D-ROD has always got is ceviche game face on and as for the rest of the old timers...still ballin'!

                            2. Cviche 105 in downtown Miami has Corvina Ceviche in ahi amarrillo which is INSANE!

                              1. Any opinions aon My Ceviche in South Beach?

                                1. In Tampa:

                                  1. Vizcaya Restaurant on Dale Mabry Avenue
                                  2. Ceviche (yeah, the name of the restaurant is "Ceviche")
                                  3. Surf Shack at the corner of Linebaugh and Countryway

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                                    Good rundown in Tampa Town!


                                    Still craving CVICHE 105

                                  2. CEVICHE 105 Best Restaurant in Miami - All cuisines!