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It's HOT OUTSIDE. Where are you eating?

Okay, so here on this side of the hill it's only 90, so I don't want to hear it from anyone in the valley dealing with 100 degree temperature. But with temperature sitting where it is, you're probably not out eating fondue at Melting Pot. So where are you eating to beat the heat?

I personally like to have my meal a little spicy to match the rise in outside temperature. I was at Sapp today with those boat noodles.

At night, I was relaxing with a nice cucumber martini from The Hungry Cat.

So where are you eating to beat the heat?

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  1. After hearing about your day, I am ashamed to admit that dinner tonight was a Fiesta Taco Salad from Taco Bell.

    Last night, though, was a spicy plate of Mee Goreng from Singapore's Banana Boat. First time for the BF, so I not only got my spicy fix, I also brought a little more Asian goodness into my dear Cuban's life.

    Tomorrow night? I'm grilling tilapia and wrapping it with julienned veggies, ginger-soy-sesame dressing, and tofu in Bibb lettuce. With a lemongrass martini, inspired by the bartender at Morel at The Grove.

    As much as I want to believe that spicy food actually helps beat the heat, I'm afraid the jury is still out for me. Either way--spicy or not--it is just too darn hot.

    1. Was at Morton's.

      They seem to have the strong A/C.

      1. Summer in LA means lots of fresh fruits. I'm eating plums, white peaches, nectarines, melons, blueberries, cherries...... all the sweet and juicy summer fruits in lieu of dinner!!!

        1. Today, I had chilled watermelon (at home) and a banana strawberry smoothie from Penguin's in La Canada. :)

          1. Last week chicken/tuna/egg salads, cottage cheese, fruit, cold roast beef, Breyer's black cherry ice cream, lots of iced tea.

            But Maine coast summers don't stay hot too long, and tonight it was cool enough for a bowl of chili and cool enough to make me decide that on Monday I'm going to make peach jam. I saw today at Walmart absolutely delicious fragrant juicy freestone peaches for $.77 a lb. (marked down from $2.14 a lb. a few days ago), and I bought enough to can a dozen or so 8 oz. jars.

            1. Bulgarini gelato and sorbet... mango, strawberry, and pineapple sorbet... zabaglione, peach, and white chocolate w/ strawberries gelato... very good. Though, the quality was not quite as good as it was a couple months ago, right after they opened. I've heard grumblings that they're struggling to deal with production levels this high, so maybe that's what I witnessed.

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                i too went to bulgarini. it also didnt hit the spot like i remembered. yet, i still crave it every hot summer day.........i wonder what happened.....???

              2. Friday night I was at Hawkin's House of Burgers in Altadena. Sat outside in the cool evening and had the best burger I've ever had. A huge patty (they serve doubles and triples, buit I have no idea how anyone could eat those), with bacon, cheese, onion nd tomato on a toasted bun.

                1. Last night we sat outside at Shamshiri in Glendale, which was a nice temperature and a good value. Earlier in the day we were at Fosselman's, but I was a little disappointed with the banana Heath bar flavor. It just tasted like whipped cream basically -- only a hint of banana flavor and microscopic pieces of Heath Bar.
                  The poster who mentioned Morton's probably had the right idea -- after a too-warm dinner at Angelini Osteria for my boyfriend's birthday last year, I'm taking him to the Pacific Dining Car this year in a few weeks. I think steakhouses tend to be cold.

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                    well i can tell you that as far as steakhouses go, mastro's in b.h. isn't quite as generous with the air conditioning. it was way too stuffy and warm in there tuesday night.

                  2. Last night up in the foothills outside Santa Paula in the Limoneira Orchards - prix fixe dinner among avocado trees and watched the sun go down with vistas off to the Pacific Ocean - nice warm breezes and cool down when the sun went down. Check out the www.limoneiratours.com website for reservations of their banquets in the orchards this summer.

                    1. We were hosting a Last-Season Sopranorama over two nights this week (to conclude next Sunday), three episodes per night, for a small group of uncabled friends. On Thursday, to set the Tone (hyuk, hyuk), I made spaghetti and meatballs and a big green salad, accompanied by Much Wine. Friday was the summertime picnic, with burgers, potato salad, Italian-style white bean salad and lots of fresh tomatoes. I was going to use the grill pan so I could cook in air-conditioned comfort, but five large burgers won't fit there so I fired up the gas grill. Last night we went up to Victorville to see some dirt-track car racing, and while I'm typically a total sucker for things like corn dogs I just got some bottled water, while the girls had those fizzy cooler things...and when we left at 11:30. it had cooled off a bit and I was ravenous. I'd not been to an IHop since the days when that was just their nickname, so that's where we went. I had a turkey sandwich on toasted sourdough, with onion rings, and it was surprisingly good - red onion, tomato and lettuce, just lunch-meat turkey of course, but it hit the spot (admittedly a very large target by then) and the rings were properly cooked through.

                      For tonight I'm about to put a flatiron steak into a bath of oil, herbs and a little balsamic. It's really hot right now, and probably won't be too much cooler when I want to cook, so I will break out the grill pan. Still have one of the good farmer's-market tomatoes, and plenty of the potato and the bean salads. And I also have a bit of that nice Hendrick's gin someone gave me, so I believe I will have a martini. Chin-chin!

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                        Even though it's really hot, summer is the perfect time for barbequing in LA. My family grilled kabobs on Saturday, and they were great. :)

                        I also think the movie theatre is a nice place, during the summer (cold drink, popcorn and a good film).

                        IHOP is my mom's favorite breakfast place, so I enjoy breakfast there a couple of times a year. Good stuff.

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                          Spent all my dining dollars in NYC last week. Talk about hot!

                          Yesterday lunch was at Gaja-first time there and did not realize it is well known on these boards...we were just driving around the south bay after finding that the intended Mexican joint was closed. We had Udon with scallops with shiso in plum cream, spicy musssels and two big Asahi beers. So wonderful and we cannot wait to go back to grill our own meal.

                          Dinner was veggie dogs and corn on the grill. The corn was a bit old (bad Supermarket!) so we drizzled EVO, lime juice, salt and chile powder and wrapped in foil for the grill. It was okay.

                          Tonite we are having shrimp and mung bean noodle salad, cold over bibb lettuce. I basically combined recipes for silver noodle yum and hot chinese shrimp dressings, julienned some veggies to marinate in lime juice. Will combine the shrimp and noodles with the crispy, pickled veggies to serve. May go out after for peach ice cream from Glacier.

                          Right now having a Sapphire and diet tonic. Good thing dinner is ready to go when we are....

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                          Hey Will was that your letter I jsut read in Car and Driver? Hows the Rolls Royce notepad?

                        3. I know summer is here when I switch from pho to bun at my local Vietnamese. Bun is a perfect meal for a hot day.

                          1. Yesterday, I kicked back with a nice shave ice from Teri Hawaii in Gardena. Strawberry, pineapple, and lilikoi with azuki bean on the bottom.....Nice fine consistency of the ice as well.

                            I am about to head to Artesia/Cerritos for what I call hybrid-asian Mango/Strawberry shaved iced from Guppy House. I call it hybrid because they use chunks for the fruit and condensed milk like Asian shaved ice, but they don't have the full compliment of "traditional" Asian accessories. Their food is better than expected as well, so I may get some dinner there first. After a movie, I plan on washing it down with a Boba from either Quickly on Pioneer or the new Ten-ren on South.

                            1. Last night I wathced the Padres beat the Dodger in 12 innings with 2 super dodger dogs and 2 lite beers, I really dont like hot dogs very much but being hungry and not having much choice I went with the all beef frank. Not to bad since I tend to like mine naked with a little ketchup. Tonight the air is blasting so I will make a nice baked potato, some lovely salad with fresh beefsteak tomatos from the farmers market and rib eyes on the grille.

                              1. Yesterday, I had dongchimi noodles at The Corner Place and hiyayakko tofu and soba at home.

                                1. For us... yesterday's heat meant LARB!! We ended up at Palms Thai...


                                  1. I had some cold noodles at a Vietnamese restaurant. Nice and refreshing with mint leaves, sliced cucumber, and shredded carrots. This dish usually comes with a choice of grilled shrimp, beef, or eggrolls. I always add extra hot sauce in this dish too. Tonight I am going to Yogurtland to get my yogurt fix.

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                                      I wish I had a bowl of this right now, delivered to my front door. :) Frozen yogurt, boba or Chinese-style shaved ice would be perfect, too.

                                      1. re: katkoupai

                                        Had a bowl of cold grass jelly drink. Really, really hit the spot on night like this.

                                        1. re: ipsedixit

                                          That sounds good, too. I think I've had grass jelly in my shaved ice before, but I'm not sure.

                                          1. re: katkoupai

                                            Looks like black jell-o.

                                            Supposed to "cool" the body. I just think it tastes damn good.

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                                              I'm still learning. Although I've had shaved ice a number of times, I still only know certain ingredients. I'll look for it the next time I get some. :)

                                    2. Dip platter and Lamb Soulvaki @ Georges Greek on Pine Ave. in Long Beach. Then my bestfriend and I walked to Pinkberry and I had the regular with raspberries, blueberries and mochi. Yummy!

                                      1. Oddly enough, had a great bowl of pho ga over the weekend :) I was sweating but boy it was good.

                                        Today had vegetarian at Happy Family in Rowland Heights for lunch, jumped on over to Morton's for happy hour for their cheesburgers/filet mignon sandwiches, and then went off to Yogurtland for a cool plain yogurt fix with almonds and lucky charms. Ahh bliss.


                                        1. I tend to crave Japanese tsukemono and certain Vietnamese dishes when it gets hot, particularly colder dishes like bun and spring rolls (goi cuon). I like the bun thit nuong at Lee Kam Kee and spring rolls at Golden Deli best