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Jun 30, 2007 10:53 PM

Any ideas for a Bastille Day BBQ in LA? [Moved from France Board]

What would be nice for 8-10 adults and six children? Somehow BBQ is more LA than French.

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  1. I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I would do this:

    1) Marinate a dozen ribeye steaks overnight in a marinade of garlic, soy sauce, chopped shallots, pepper, two ground anchovies, and red wine (the same type you would serve). Barbecue these steaks on your grill, basting occasionally with the remaining liquid. Heat the liquid over high heat, adding wine and more chopped shallots. Serve this sauce with the steaks.

    2) Make a salad of arugula, cooked green beans, and asparagus tips. Sauce with a simple vinaigrette. Cover with parmigiano shavings. This salad will serve as the salad and also the side dish with the steaks.

    3) Serve the steaks with rice steamed in veal stock, covered liberally with chopped chives. Serve also baguettes.

    4) For dessert, vanilla ice cream with a selection of berries to cover.

    Not to elaborate, but good and relatively easy to make. Just a few ideas . . . .

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    1. re: rjkaneda

      Nice ideas. I should add that we will be eating outside and it might be warm. So I will have some chilled whites and roses available.

    2. i have an entertaining book that suggests a them of headless things. Kind of fun. Course not for a vegetarian (me).

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      1. re: lollya

        cake not bread!! Actually I think the saying was let them eat brioche.
        BBQ is not French at all. You want all things french - bouillabaise, coq au vin, beouf bourgignon, dauphinois potatoes, tarte tatin and so on.

        1. re: smartie

          definitely it was let them eat cake.
          but brioche might be better.

          1. re: lollya

            No, the original expression was "qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (let them eat brioche) but evidently Marie-Antoinette never said it.

            I've been to lots of barbecues in France. More typical still though would be a méchoui - roasting a whole lamb on a spit, a custom brought back by French repatriated from Algeria and Algerian immigrant workers.

            You don't want coq au vin or boeuf bougignon in the summer, especially in LA. French cuisine is very seasonal. You want something featuring fresh produce and fresh fruit.

            Lollya, I have the Vegetarian Table: France cookbook - lots of options for you. Something with fresh fava beans?

            As for wine, I hesitate. Logically you would want French wines, but you are in Califorinia, and using regional products is very important in France... Perhaps find local vintners who make wines in a French style - not too high in alcohol, and certainly not at all sweet.

            You want bubbly water, orangina or a diabolo menthe for anyone who does not imbibe...

          2. re: smartie

            Actually, the French are getting more and more into the idea of outdoor cookouts. American-style charcoal grills are becoming popular here.

        2. Potato salad with a vinagarette made with lots of dijon mustard and shallots - I like to put tarragon into the mix as well. This is by far my favorite way to make potato salad and also strikes me as a good mix of "American BBQ" and french ingredients.

          1. You could always make Ina's Flag Cake but switch up the flag layout on top. This might especially appeal to the kids.

            1. You'd have to have some fresh fruit tarts, too. Or maybe you could arrange the fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream very carefully, into sixteen tricolors.
              Apparently, just after the Terror, the French did joke around with the whole gory episode, having little table guillotines to cut the bread and throwing parties where ladies wore a thin red string around their necks above the décolleté. But that was much later - 1795 or so? Les Merveilleuses and everything.
              One year, for the Taking of the Bastille, we made a Bastille Pinata the kids quite enjoyed.
              Otherwise, vive la révolution, California-style, and enjoy.