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Jun 30, 2007 10:01 PM

Visiting Portland and themsome

My wife and I are going to try to squeeze the great notrhwest into a ten day trip. These questions are about the Portland area as well as Cannon Beach. First, can anyone tell me about the hotels that are owend by some brothers that are old schools that are now brewpubs/hotels (they look cool on the web sites). Also she likes wine and I like microbrews so any suggestions on restaruants? One more, how long of a drive is it from Portland to Seatac airport. Is it longer from Cannon Beach? Thank you in advance and so looking forward to August in Oregon.

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  1. McMenamins. You're probably thinking of the Kennedy School. Mapquest will give you accurate times for driving.


    1. 2.25 hour drive to Seatac, 1.25 to Cannon Beach.

      There are many discussions here on great wine/beer restaurants & suggestions for visitors, also on how to explore wine country which is on the way to the beach.
      Why not do a little research and give us some more specific questions as to your taste in food? =)

      The Mcmenamins chain is unique in the vibe & historic feel & amenities/events, and are worth staying at for that reason. The food & beer is very average, not so remarkable.