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Jun 30, 2007 08:37 PM

Smokey Joe's Recommendations

I am thinking of going to Smokey Joe's in Teaneck. Any recommendations for
a) lunch
b) dinner
c) takeout

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    1. chili (either w/ or w/o brisket), the taco salad is good but not for takeout, bbq chicken

      1. Hey Jeter-

        I'd be glad to discuss further or even go with you if you need a date. I was coincidentally there last night. For appetizers the guac and chips and Carnitas were quite good. For the entree I can't wholeheartedly recommend the beef fajita, the beef was a little on the dry side. The best entree at our table seemed to be the brisket sandwich, which was quite tasty and we shared some ribs which were good. i didn't have it but I was told the portobello burger was good. The mud pie was good, as recommended by the kind of officious waitress. Ambience is Dougie's-like and I think they were mopping before we left (a nice way to end a dinner with ammonia wafting into your nose). Anyhow, a good time was had by all.

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        1. re: luvinduvin

          come on luvin, be fair.
          tell us what day and how late you were still actually there.
          restaurants are not in the habit of putting up chairs and mopping the floors
          unless patrons have grossly over stayed their welcome.
          for example, weekdays they stop serving at 9:30 and close at 10:00pm
          if you were in there after 10, mopping up was a hint you should have left.

          1. re: Joe Berger

            To set the record straight, we left at 9:00 and their advertised close time is 9:30, no last serving time as far as I know or posted mopping time. I think it's fair to expect no mopping until after the closing time.