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Great burger between Chestnut Hill and...

...Manayunk or King of Prussia. Basically, I live in Chestnut Hill but will be going to a movie with a burger fanatic on Tuesday night in either Manayunk or King of Prussia. So, does anyone know of a great burger (prefer "great" to "good") in either C-Hill, Mt. Airy, Germantown, Manayunk, East Falls, Lafayette Hills, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, King of Prussia, or anywhere else I might hit going between my house and one of the two theaters? I'm a vegetarian so don't have a good feel for where the great burgers are to be had. I know that LaBan said Blackfish has a great burger, but unfortunately that is only for lunch and this will be an evening adventure. I personally love McMenamins for their beer selection, fries, etc., and would expect that they have a good burger, but have been disapointed with things like the bun on their veggie burger, leading me to believe that a hamburger there might not be great. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as none of the "best of" reviews that I've found seem to highlight burgers in these parts. Thanks!

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  1. You might try Lucky Dog in Lafayette Hill on Germantown Pike.

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      Great. Thanks for the suggestion as that would definitely be convenient. Is all of their food pretty decent?

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        Decent, yes but not worth the ridiculously long wait for a table on Friday and Saturday nights.

    2. Cresheim Cottage has a very nice burger with hormone free beef. Their fries are good too.

      1. Have you thought about Cafette?

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          Does Cafette have burgers? Despite being about 3 minutes from my house (via foot) I've never actually been there. Perhaps this would be a good time to try it..

          It looks like we are definitely going to the movie in Manayunk, and we should have plenty of time to find dinner before the flick. So, any additional suggestions between (or sort of between) Chestnut Hill and Manayunk would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

        2. Does anyone know if the Ugly Moose or US Hotel have good burgers?

          1. The burger at McMenamin's vacillates between good and great. They have a problem with doneness - I like medium-rare (as do all true burger lovers, right?) and always order my burger as such, but they only hit it about 1/3 of the time. When they do, it's a Great burger. The rest of the time the burger comes medium and is only Good - the overcooking changes the texture and flavor of the meat.

            That said, I wouldn't kick that burger out of bed, and a you already know it's a nice place with nice people - hard not to have at least a Good (if not a Great) time eating there.

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              As an inveterate McMenamin's patron who’s eaten probably over a hundred of their burgers (and will gladly continue to do so) I nonetheless would personally never call their burger “great”. It’s a decent burger but surely not a “destination” burger IMHO (which I think that the poster is looking for). I think that their burger gets a lot of “luv and pub’” because of the size. But to me the quality of the meat is very average (whether cooked medium or well done) and in addition to that the fries can taste like fried chicken or fried fish.

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                Thanks for the input about McMenamins. Regardless of burger quality, it looks like we are going to head to Manayunk as opposed to Mt. Airy. A friend suggestion Thomas' for a great burger or Flat Rock for decent food in general...any thoughts on that? Thanks!

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                  I am a big fan of the food in general at Flat Rock. It is dirt cheap, always good. Not always very good for you, mind you. I can't speak to their burgers or anything made of beef though, since that is not part of my food vocabulary.

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                    Thanks Danielle...we might give that a whirl now that you've given a favorable review of the food in general. Thanks!

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                  You know, you're right. McMenamin's burger is not "great." There've been days when I was thrilled to be eating that burger and felt very satisfied by it, but if I were to make a list of Great burgers I've had, that one wouldn't be anywhere near the list.

                  So, I take it back.

              2. I've lived in Manayunk for the past 7 years and whenever I need a burger fix I head to the Ugly Moose on Shurs Lane. On top of great burgers they have a variety of other meals that range from standard bar fare (burgers, wings, etc.) to full scale comfort food meals (bbq chicken & ribs, meatloaf, etc.). Full disclosure: I've been going to the Moose ever since it opened and have become friends with the owner and all the bartenders/servers but whenever I bring along someone new or recommend it to others, they all seem to love it.

                I almost forget to mention that they have 2 for 1 burgers on Wednesday nights! Check out the specials at www.theuglymoose.com

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                  I haven't had a burger at McMenamin's in quite some time -- I find their burgers to be a bit flavourless and too tightly packed. The burgers at McNally's, however, do border on great -- especially the cheeseburgers since they broil the cheese on the buns first --super yummy. To the best of my knowledge, Cafette does not have burgers.

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                    Wow, I didn't even know that McNally's had burgers. Next time I'll consider that.

                    We wound up completely changing plans and going an Italian place in Manayunk as everything else was too crowded. Anyway, thanks for the McNally's tip...I'm a fan of their George Bernard Shawe sandwich so would be thrilled to go there with someone hungry for a burger. I only wish they had french fries...

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                    I'll definitely keep the Ugly Moose in mind now that I know someone has been there!

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                      I had a horrible experience at the Ugly Moose. The food was awful and the owner was a real jerk about nearly everything. Just wouldn't leave us alone to "try"
                      to enjoy our meal. We are definitely not high maintanence but do have some basic standards. Seemed like a seedy place to get drunk and play a high price for low quality food. Perhaps the owner has changed. But if not, it was so bad, I vowed to never go back and to warn others about my experience.

                  3. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Fatty's yet. It's on Willow Grove, on the far side of Stenton from Chestnut Hill. It may not be a destination burger, but they're reliably good, and they have a nice microbrew selection on tap. It's a friendly neighborhood bar--I recommend the Black and Blue burger.

                    1. I'm a vegetarian too and my husband is a burger fanatic. He loves the Drake in Jenkintown. As far as theatres, the Merlin is right there, but I'm not sure about the closest movieplex.