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Jun 30, 2007 07:58 PM

Moved to CA now back in NYC for a visit...with a toddler! Need recs please.

My husband and I moved from the West Village to California two years ago. This summer we finally have the opportunity to come back to NY, with our 14 month old along for the ride. Eating out in NY with a toddler is unfamiliar territory for us. We welcome suggestions about restaurants that we could take our daughter to, particularly ones that would capture the fun and glamorous lives we think we remember. So far the only thing I can think of is Shake Shack! Any other ideas? Could we go to places like Spotted Pig, SushiSamba, Pastis, Ino, if we went early in the evening (6 ish)? Thanks Hounds for the help!

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  1. I'm also thinking Cafeteria, Miracle Grill

    1. I hear that Landmarc is welcoming to young kids.
      Funky Diner on the UWS (columbus ave and west 80th street) is also good place for kids.

      My toddler loved all the cafeterias in the museums around the city. They are filled with families. Not fine dining, but an easy place to eat out with a young kid and amuse them with the sites. We used to get food from Fairway and do picnics in central park playgrounds, or go to pizzerias, Italian restaurants, and local Chinese restaurants. My toddler liked tortellini and other pasta's so we used to go to Italian restaurants a lot. No one seemed to care if the kid was restless.

      It is not fair to make a toddler sit still in a restaurant for more then the time it takes for them to eat something. So it becomes a hard time to go to nice restaurants with babies that age. I found it was not a pleasant experience for us and other people sitting near our table. The whole experience is too much for a toddler (in a year or two they are more patient and better patrons in a nice restaurant).

      We live in Manhattan and I really loved to go to Coney Island when she was a toddler, this time of year we used to take her to the kiddie rides, and we would all go on the wonder wheel and then eat a lot of Nathan's hot dogs and French fries and beer. We used to have so much fun and the boardwalk is so insanely bizarre it amused my husband and me.

      The Aquarium is also on the boardwalk near Coney Island.

      In the winter we once drove out to New jersey and went to a place called "Chucky Cheese" now that was a once in a life time experience that she really loved (I would never do it a second time). That place is an indoor amusement park that served the vilest pizza you ever tasted but the toddler had blast for a couple of hours on a rainy day.