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Jun 30, 2007 07:55 PM

baby home from hospital... celebrate with desserts... but which ones?

My baby is coming out of the hospital after almost a month (he was only home for a day) and ot celebrate, we are having an open house to introduce the guy, and to eat cake! But obviously I won't be home until he is, I have very little time, and so I want to make some of the desserts, but buy some others. But what do you all think is better to buy: the cookies? the cheesecake?

here's what I am thinking:

brownie tarts
chocolate cupcakes (filled with ganache and iced with buttercream)
lemon cake with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream
cheesecake bites with strawberry and mango purees on the side
blueberry clafoutis (does this stay good at room temperature for a few hours?)
various cookies (any suggestions?)

is the double buttercream too much?
My brain has practically become a vestigial organ, please help me out with ideas

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  1. In this case, I'd advise you to buy everything (ahead) and focus on the baby. This must have been a very difficult time. Sweet of you to think of the menu--I would, too--but I'd leave it to others. Bring your baby home & enjoy the love. And let others help you. Actually, you may want to wait a few days for the party. Bring baby home, settle in, it's a lot to handle all at once. Best of luck on this journey!

    1. What a relief this must be for you to bring this precious child home!
      I think the best help I can give you is permission to buy everything! Just this once! From your other postings, I know you love to entertain and enjoy making wonderful things. But you made the best thing of all - this wonderful child! You can't top that! Don't try.
      Heck, if you can get your friends to pick things up at the bakery, that's even better. You can worry about setting up and making sure the house is tidy. Don't get too fussy - people are very forgiving of new mothers.
      Enjoy the day, show the baby off with no dishes to wash, no leftovers to worry about, let others clean up and spoil you. Rest and enjoy your child. Plenty of time to bake later.
      Count your blessings!

      1. They're right, focus on the baby, not the oven. If you're breastfeeding, avoid acidic fruits. Very adult chocolatey chocolate might not be the greatest, either. Almonds are nice and mild and nutritious. Enjoy!

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          Tell your friends to bring the desserts! I would also make sure SOMEONE else is doing the prep and clean up in the kitchen. A new baby is a time when it is best for family and village to help ou

          Your prize is the baby. Folks are not coming to see your house- if they are concerned you can always pass them a mop and broom and tell them to get to it.

          Also if you are breastfeeding, don't worry so much about what you are eating-- avoid people who are telling you what you can and cannot eat:). A one time special dessert is not going to be harmful to you or the baby (I'm a pediatrician who does breastfeeding management). Alcohol infused desserts may not be the best, but a little slice is not going to make you or baby sick.

        2. hehe
          well the response is overwhelmingly consistent: I'm crazy! :) Here I thought I was being so reasonable trying to strike a compromise! I appreciate the thoughts and I will do my best to take others up on their offers. And drmimi, you sound like my kind of doctor!