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recommendations for restaurants 2nd or 3rd avenue, 20's to 30's

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Anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in the 20's or 30's on either second or third avenue?

Moderate to high prices are okay.

Also, anyone know anything about the Cafe Vartan at 34th and 2nd?



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  1. I do not eat out in that neighborhood too often, but I have eaten at Ethos (Greek) on 3rd ave betw. 33rd and 34th, and enjoyed it both times.

    1. There's a nice Afghani place, (Bimyani or something like that) on 3rd in the upper 20s. Also good German place, Rolf's, at 281 3rd Ave.

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        The Afghani restaurant is Bamiyan. It's on the corner of 3rd & 26th St.


      2. Some of the places in the area that we like are Turkish Kitchen, I Trulli, Ethos, and Josie's. You can see all the menus on menupages.com

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          Just to note that I Trulli is on 27th St., b/t Lex & Park Av. S. The others are on 3rd.

        2. Ethos, Ali Baba, Petite Abeille, Lamazou
          Bistango is decent for neighborhood Italian

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            Lamazou is not a restaurant. It's a small shop that specializes in cheeses, but where you can also do take-out of excellent sandwiches and other delicious items.


          2. Franw,

            Vartan (no "Cafe" in the name) is on 3rd, near 29th St. It's a vegetarian Indian restaurant which serves an ayce set menu. The kitchy interior has a village theme, and most of the seating is in booths on floor cushions.


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              If it's the Indian restaurant you are looking for, the name is actually Vatan (nor R either). http://www.vatanny.com/

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                Oops! You're right! Thanks for the correction. :-)

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                Actually, St. Vartan's church recently opened a cafe. That is on the northeast corner of 34th and 2nd. It appears similar to the Cafe at St. Bart's (though I haven't been to either so I can't speak from experience).

                My husband and I passed it this weekend and will probably give it a try in the near future. Menu appears basic enough.

              3. Here are some of my favorites: Sarge's Deli (Third Ave. & E. 37 St. -- best pastrami!), Benjamin's (Second Ave. & E. 33 St. -- very good American cuisine), Notaro (Second Ave. between E. 34 & 35 St. -- very good Italian cuisine), Noodles on 28 (Third Ave. & E. 29 St. -- very good Chinese food).

                1. cafe Vartan is a child company of Sage American Kitchen. This place is fabulous for lunch and certainly well priced. There is an outpost in LIC where I work and I go everyday! Homemade delicious sandwiches, soups, baked goods, salads, etc.

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                    Great Pub food at Mollys 22 and 3rd and Waterfront Ale House on 2nd and 29th. Good Italian on 34th at Tratoria Alba. Excellent Mexican at El Parador on 34th and Mexico Lindo on 27th and 2nd

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                      I have to disagree about Mexico Lindo. I would describe the food there as o.k., but certainly nothing to rave about.

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                        The food has been slipping slightly in the past few years. When I first moved to the hood the food was much better. They do make excellent Margs. RGR, do you feel El Parador is better?

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                          Hey, prince,

                          Well, I don't drink, so the Margs would be lost on me. You might be right about the food slipping. M.L. is in our 'hood, and we had seen it on that corner for years. However, we only got around to trying it in '05. Not exactly rushing to go back.

                          I'm not familiar with El Parador. Their website isn't particularly helpful. Just the address & phone # + a few rotating photos. Looks nice.


                          The menu on Menupages seems rather short.


                          Maybe we'll check it out sometime. What have you had there that you've liked?

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                            The fish specials are always one of the entrees we order. Besdes that I like the Carnitas, which are cubes of slow cooked pork that come with a habanero sauce. Yum

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                              Thanks! Considering your screen name, no surprise you like the carnitas. lol Pork -- except for bacon -- is not usually my thing. But I noticed they have a shrimp dish on the menu that sounds appealing.