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Jun 30, 2007 07:01 PM

Buenos Aires Cafe

The Argentinian wine arrived at the table, with tantalizing empandas, filled with traditionaly flavored goodness, just like my husbands mama makes and taught me, ground beef, spiced with chili pepper, just enough raisins to make it complete, olives salted it perfect.
Then the house special was served to me, splendid flavor of chimchurri and beef, with a few shrimps to make it special and the artichokes in the side of veggies were melt in your mouth perfect....husband had Gnocchi and he was impressed, he grew up on fresh Gnocchi on the holidays and he knows the melt in your mouth flavor you should expect to create the traditional flavor of always we want to move to Argentina and live life like this-simple!

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  1. Beautiful description, familyof3. I'll get there as soon as I can. I was making pita pizzas in the park today, and I used olives to "salt it perfect" because I didn't have salt. I like your description!

    1. I always drive by this place but I think your post has given me the push to check it out myself!
      It's just south of the intersection of S. 1st and Oltorf.

      1. I agree completely. Buenos Aires Cafe definitely has the best gnocchi in Austin, and their deserts are heavenly.

        1. This place is excellent. They do a pork tenderloin sandwich special @ lunch sometimes that's literally 1/2 of a pork tenderloin. It's enormous, and is some heavily marinated goodness. Also really dig the spinach empanadas.

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            Had another incredible meal last weekend for lunch. Mama was here visiting and she even said the flavors are right on and she is straight from Aregentina.
            We went for lunch, I had the Milenesa sand., spot on like mama makes, with a simply to die for spinach salad, the dressing was perfectly sweet.
            The chorizo was different then they are used too, but enjoyed to say the least.