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Jun 30, 2007 06:47 PM

unfancy but chowish group lunch in SF

I am looking for an unfancy spot that can accomodate a dozen or so - we don't need to sit together, so no private room or big table is necessary - nearby the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (the vicinity of Folsom & 18th on the edge of the Mission). Lots of people will be coming from outside the area so something specifically San Franciscan would be great. Originally I wanted to cram a bunch of people into Pearl Oyster Bar but that's too far away. Burritos? Taco truck crawl? I dunno. Any ideas are appreciated. Must be walking / stumbling distance. We are not fancy people, so nothing dressy.

After our evening group event at the Motorcycle Club we were planning on Nihon Whiskey Lounge or Medjool's roof (i know the food is nothing special, but they take big groups without a reservation and the roof is nice) for late-night eats and drinks. Anything else around there that I should know about?

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  1. My first thought was Panchita's #3, which is on 22nd at S. Van Ness. "Nice" restaurant with delicious Salvadoran/Mexican food that goes beyond the typical Mission fare. Another chowhound favorite is El Delfin, 24th and Treat, which has some of the best Mexican food (specializing in seafood) in the city. I believe Panchita's #3 has a full bar.

    1. There's a taco truck a couple of blocks away on Shotwell south of 16th.

      Bar Bambino is a nice, very SF place and people dress any which way. Usually lots of empty tables during the day.

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        another option is burgers and beer in the garden at zeitgesit, at Valencia and Duboce. if you are lucky, the tamale lady may be there too...