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Jun 30, 2007 06:25 PM

Valley Pizza Review (North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks)

Well, since my favorite Albano's closed, tonight I just tried RENO's Pizza the alternative choice from the board for Valley pizza's, my 2 cents, it was decent yet nothing to write home about.

Pagiano's on Coldwater & Moorpark is better and my favorite will remain Little Toni's in North Hollywood.

Again this is for the folks living in North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks Pizza areas.

Good Evening,


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  1. Our favorite pizza by far is at Barone's (Oxnard/Woodman). Last time we had Little Toni's, I thought it was too greasy. It's been there for years, so obviously many people like it. Have you tried Barone's?

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    1. re: kathleenb

      Barones (the square pizza) its alright, doesn't do much for me.

      I always thought people only went to that spot for the landmark and childhood memories. I tried it say 6 months back and it was just average in my opinion.

      When I critique pizza I'm going by the taste in the crust, toppings, sauce, to how it all holds together when you lift it up and take a bite.

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        So.....what pizza in the Valley do you like? Everyone I know loves Barone's. My favorite is eggplant and onion which sounded weird to me, but someone insisted I try it and I've been ordering it since. Barone's is actually my second favorite pizza. Casa Biana's sausage and mushroom is my favorite. I like thin crust, know some people prefer thick. Others have made suggestions even though you didn't. I've heard Lido's is very good and keep meaning to try it. I know exactly where Dino's is and have wondered about it. Glad to hear the good report. I'll try it!

        1. re: Hypnotic23

          Oh, I see now that you did say what your favorite is. We tried Pagiano's and thought it was just ok. Everyone has such definite ideas about pizza -- guess we are all opinionated about most things. Have you tried Joe Peeps? Lots of people seem to love it although I don't. (You must have lived in N. Hollywood a long time to refer to the area as Valley Plaza...I think only the old timers know this name.)

        2. re: kathleenb

          This picky pizza eater prefers Spumoni's on Ventura Blvd (Sherman Oaks). The sauce is spicy and the texture is excellent. I only get the pepperoni so I can't offer an opinion on the other types, but I'd bet they're just as good. And service? Oh man, this place knows how to treat their customers.

          As for other pizza places nearby, I like Lido's pizza. Tried Barone's about 2 years ago, and wasn't impressed. Ameci's is excellent too.

          Now I need to search for some Chicago-style pizza around here!

        3. I'm fond of the pizza at Dino's (Burbank Blvd. and Hollywood Way). Yes, it's in Burbank, but it's closer to my North Hollywood home than Little Toni's is and, for my taste, far better.

          1. Stuart - while no pizza fanatic, I used to work near the Mulberry St. pizza in Encino, and must say their white pizza is quite good, with cheese and spinach. Very thin crust. Been there quite a while, and has 2 locations on the other side of the hill as well.

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            1. re: carter

              We just ate at Mulberry's for the first time and I have to say we really enjoyed the pizza, nice thin crust, very cheesy. Def recommend.

              1. re: CarlieInLA

                Mulberry is one of my regular stops I love the crust and their sauce has a nice little garlic kick to it, Mulberry along with Lido Pizza in Van Nuys, LA best in Chatsworth, Red Balls rock and roll pizza in Woodland Hills, Vincenzio's in Granada Hills, Caruso's in Sylmar, D'Amores in Chatsworth and Chi Chi's in Northridge ....these are my favorties in the valley. Joe Peeps has fallen off a bit but it's still much better than most of the standard pizza joints.

                None of which stand up to Vito's

            2. Call me crazy, but my favorite pizaa is Follow Your Heart's thick crust pizza on Fridays. Totally non traditional, but SOOOOO good.

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                1. re: Hypnotic23

                  canoga park on Sherman Way.

                  Trust me, it is veryvery non traditional pizza. Most LA pizza lovers pooh-pooh it, I'm sure.

                  Follow Your Heart is a vegetarian health food store and cafe.

                  Google them and see the menu

              1. Caioti, on Tujunga between Moorpark and Riverside, is my favorite. Ed LaDou, the owner and chef, was instrumental in launching both CPK, and Wolfgang Puck's pizza ventures. There is an urban legend that one of Ed's salad dressings can induce labor if a woman is past her date. It seems every time I eat there I see a family with a very young baby. They don't have a liquor license, but corkage is free, and they have a wide array of exotic soft drinks. Definitely worth a visit.