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Jun 30, 2007 06:17 PM

Veg at Lucky Devils?


I am planning on treating a carniverous, burger-loving guy to Lucky Devils but I am wondering if they have vegetarian (vegan not necessary) options? Anyone know where I can find an online menu?


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  1. There are several veggie choices. My friend had a veggie burger over a salad. There's veggie burgers on buns, mac 'n cheese, and salads. Shouldn't be a problem. Check, there might be a menu.

    1. I had the veggie burger last night and I liked it.

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        Thanks to both of you...I would make the sacrifice for my friend (who will go crazy over the KOBE burger, I am sure)...but am already drooling over the thought of a veggie burger and a toasted pecan shake :-)

        1. re: running pig

          I am not a huge fan of kobe burgers in generally. I think the meat flavor gets lost in the fat flavor.

          However the turkey burger is very, very good regardless of whether he is a turkey burger person. Also, a lot of the produce and meat is sustainable and they also have Marin Farms hot dogs, which are very tasty. The fries are also good as is the frozen custard. Good service and good beer to boot.

        1. re: Emme

          What a thoughtful hound, Emme- thanks!

          1. re: Emme

            WOW! $13.50 for a veggie burger? Better be GOOD!

            1. re: running pig

              Figure 7 bucks for the burger, a 3 dollar donation to the rent, and 3.50 for the celeb sighting...

              1. re: Emme

                As it turns out, the veggie burger was very, very good. Our waitress was super-sweet and warned me not to panic at the bright red appearance of the reminds people of rare beef. Tasty!

                I thought that the pecan shake was good but not amazing...I was expecting something out-of-this world after reading reviews on this site. It was cold and thick, served in a silver goblet (yay!) but was not as strong as I generally like. I liked the pecans on top but thought there was way too much whipped cream.

                The employees were nice, twice apologizing for our 10-minute wait.