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Jun 30, 2007 03:39 PM

Current views on Vissani?

We'll be staying in Umbria for a week in July and are planning our dining itinerary. Has anyone eaten at Vissani recently? If so, I'd be most grateful for your thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. Haven't been for some years, sorry to say, but I have always has a soft spot for the big lug. He's a passionate defender of Italian ingredients, and so few people in central Italy are willing to use the good crystal...

    Otherwise our fave in Orvieto is Il Giglio d'Oro, just to the left of the Duomo as you're looking at it.

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      Maureen - many thanks for the tips. I think we will take the plunge with Vissani, and we will certainly try Il Giglio. We will be staying near Orvieto, so I expect to get there at least a couple of times. How are L'Asino d'Oro and I Sette Consoli these days? Anywhere else nearby that you particularly like? Thanks again, J

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        Never been to L'Asino d'Oro and never heard my husband mention it (he has been working there on and off for years -- all that "alternative mobility" in Orvieto is his). We put Sette Consoli on our blacklist some years ago, despite the good food, for serious attitude. Some friends and I and the then-deputy mayor (now mayor) were having dinner. Dep mayor said another friend (my husband) would be arriving at about ten on the train and kindly save him something to eat. When he arrived, at about ten, they said the kitchen was closed and he could have a plate of cheese. We wound up going around the corner to the dep mayor's mother-in-law's, where his wife cooked Franco a plate of pasta. If that's how they act with the deputy mayor (whom of course they knew), I don't like to think what they'd have done with a poor tourist who walked in off the street. We like trattoria La Palombella, as I may have mentioned.

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          I have been to L'Asino d'Oro and thought it was quite good. Not fancy, but yummy food (I went in spring and had a wonderful crostini with pureed fava beans, mmmm). If I remember correctly the son is the host/waiter and his mother cooks. Reasonably priced but I had a lovely time.

      2. Just ate there a week ago. Wow. The food was exquisite. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves (8 of us)(huge kitchen staff, huge wait staff, all supervised by Vissani). Another couple was dining in another room, but left long before we did.

        The quality and attention to detail are premiere. The service exceedingly attentive. It was the highlight of our trip.

        A couple of points. The food is very rich. Don't expect pasta pomodoro and bruschetta. Also, the prices are out of this world. Two tasting menus (one for 100E and one for 130E). A la Carte is just as expensive, if not more so. The mark up on wine is abot 3-4 times what you would pay in a wine store. I think our price was about $300 pp. all in (incl tax, gratuity, wine etc).

        Notwithstanding the price, we would have not have missed this opportunity. The food, ambiance, service all made this a meal to remember. We even had a great piano player (who played everything from classical to jazz to traditional Italian) all to ourselves. If you can afford it, go for it. If not, check out the Giglio D'Oro in the square opposite the Duomo in Orvietto. It is one of the best restaurants in the area and a fraction of the price of Vissani.

        Have a great trip


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          Delighted to have a good report of Vissani, and I love Giglio d'Oro (we even had our wedding lunch there, but it was a very small wedding, and we didn't even tell them that was the occasion of our lunch for 16). For the record, those prices are more or less going rate for tasting menus at the top. The wine markup is high, but look at his overhead...