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Jun 30, 2007 03:19 PM

Good Bagels in Orlando


Since I moved to Orlando, I've been on the hunt for decent bagels, and have so far come up short. Einstein Bros. and Panera both seem like high-end lenders bagels. No real chewiness, very bread-like. I'd read about a place called Bagel King online, but both locations that I saw online (Colonial and up Edgewater) didn't exist, as far as I could tell. I had temporary joy when Yahoo Local said there was a Bruegger's Bagels on Conroy Rd. I drove down there and it's a Firehouse Subs, though the space in the strip mall looks very much like it was a Bruegger's at some point. As far as I can tell, the closest Bruegger's is in Tallahassee. Not going to cut it for a saturday morning bagel run. I just bought a bag of frozen bagels from Harmoni Market that I believe are imported from NYC. I'll give them a try and see how they are, but I'm still looking for a decent-to-great bagel bakery in Orlando. Does it exist?


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  1. It's the same over here in Brevard county.

    Our Publix carries "Ray's NY Bagels" in the frozen food section. With these, you actually bake them for 5-6 minutes in your oven. Not the same as a fresh bagel, but it's the best frozen one I've tasted.

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      I'm not sure what part of Brevard you live in, but there is a Bagel World on North Merritt Island where the bagels for the entire chain are baked. There are locations around North and Central Brevard, but I'm not aware of any in Melbourne or Bahia de la Palma. I get my morning bagel there and they are fresh, chewey, and dense.

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        Thanks for the tip!

        The problem is that's over a 1/2 hour trip from where we are. No big deal if you're going for dinner, but too far to go for breakfast.

    2. I'm not sure about the locations you read about (I saw the same websites you did), but there is definitely a Bagel King in the Casselberry/Winter Park area, and it is awesome. It's on State Road 436 (Semoran) and Howell Branch, a relatively major intersection, nestled in a shopping center between a Publix and a Blockbuster Video. The bagels are very good -- much more authentic than the chewy Panera ones -- and they have a kosher bakery with fresh rugelach, excellent knishes, and other goodies. They have deli-style sandwiches at lunch, and great breakfasts on the menu as well. Sadly, they are not open for dinner, but it sounds like you need to come up to Seminole County and check it out anyway. Bagel King is exactly what you're looking for.

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      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

        I thought "authentic" bagels were supposed to be chewy. Far, far chewier than Panera's fluffy things. So what are Bagel King's like?

        I find most kosher bakeries, since they tend to be pareve (both meat- and dairy-free) make the same style of rugelach you find at supermarkets, with dough that puffs up. I prefer the kind my mom raised us on, with the cream cheese-based dough that stays thin and brittle.

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          I just got back from Bagel King, and it is exactly what I was looking for. The plain bagels, at least, have a shiny exterior, an almost slightly crunchy exterior, and have a lot of bite (they're very chewy, in the good way). Voodoo Lou, thanks so much for the heads up. This will without question be my regular bagel place.

        2. You need to also try On a Roll in "downtown" Celebration - it's a new place where the old Goodings location used to be on Main Street. These guys are from NY and their food is as well! They actually import their bagels from NY and just finish them here so they are authentic. You need to try their sandwiches as well - all on hard rolls that are chewy inside and crunchy on the outside. They also import cookies from Brothers of Brooklyn - things like rugelach and black-and-white cookies.

          1. So, Philip, what's the verdict? Where are the best bagels in Orlando? Is it Bagel King?

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              Just got back from Bagel King at 1455 SR 436 (Semoran). The sesame seed bagels are great but the rugelach was disappointing. It was dry, probably not fresh. Happy to see they have whitefish salad. This could be the place! Unless...... any other place in Orlando that more closely resembles a New York deli?

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                Toojay's is a Florida-based chain that is probably as good as it gets for deli fare around here. They have an in-store bakery so you may be more impressed by their rugelach, as well as rye bread, black and white cookies, and other baked goods, but no bagels. Bagel King is the best in town for authentic bagels. Toojay's also has pastrami, corned beef, whitefish salad, stuffed cabbage, and other deli-style good eats like that.

                They have a few locations around town, including one on 436 near the Altamonte Mall (next to Mimi's Cafe), one in the Waterford Lakes shopping plaza near UCF, and one on Colonial Drive (SR-50) just west of the Fashion Square Mall, in a shopping center with Total Wine and Barnes & Noble. Those are the three I know of.

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                  Amira's deli on 436 near Ronald Reagan and
                  B&K Bakery on 436 near Friday's

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                    Bagel King is awesome for bagels, but Amira's makes better deli sandwiches. I like lean pastrami on rye - I don't know where they get their rye bread, but I'm ruined for anywhere else around here. And the knish with a squirt of spicy mustard is amazing. So are the fruit bars and peanut butter browies.

                    1. re: jazzy77

                      So who makes better deli sandwiches then, Amira's or Toojay's? I admit I've never been to Amira's because my buddy bought some ground beef from them that was full of nasty fat and really gross.

                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        I've only eaten at Toojay's once and it was so utterly lousy that we never went back (and I almost never write a place off after the first try).

                        I can't speak for their ground beef, but you should give it a try because it's a really phenomenal restaurant for NY-style deli sandwiches. The service can be a bit curt at times, but don't let that put you off. I think they have so many regulars that they just treat everyone "like family"- and, most importantly, you can tell they really care about what they serve.

                  2. re: AJCORLANDO

                    Missed that this thread popped back up. Bagel King is without question the best bagel place I've found in Orlando..Also, more good news on the bagel front. If you like Bruegger's Bagels, it looks like they've signed up five franchisees in Orlando:


                    "Bruegger's, a Burlington, Vt.-based bagel chain, said Wednesday it has signed a franchise agreement to open five new stores in the Orlando area. The first Bruegger's is expected to open by the end of the year. Bruegger's, which specializes in kettle-boiled bagels, has locations in Tallahassee and has signed a franchise agreement to open 20 stores in South Florida. The chain is an affiliate of private-investment firm Sun Capital Partners."

                  3. Ever since Manhatten Bagel closed I have had to choose between Ray's ( frozen from Publix) or going to Delray Beach to see my parents and buying a couple dozen for the freezer. I'm looking forward to trying Bagel King, since I feel Toojays bagels aren't much better than Panera's.

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                    1. re: eimac

                      I'm an ex New Yorker and Orlando is pure bagel hell, actually pure food hell for that matter. Bagel King, Panera, Einstein's and any of the others are all awful. It's all relative of course if you've never had a New York bagel you may like them but they in no way resemble New York bagels. Having said that I am waiting patiently for Brueggers because Brueggers are much better than anything Orlando currently has to offer. Don't waste your time trying any of the others.