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Jun 30, 2007 03:16 PM

Po's Dumpling Bar - KC

My friend's and I had a wonderful experience at Po's which occupies the former Circe space on 39th St.

We started with the Empress Chicken Dumplings (incidentally, my first dumpling experience). They were pan fried with a light mixture of chicken and vegetables. I would definitely recommend the dumplings.

At our table we dined on Shrimp Lo Mein, Chili Pepper Chicken, General Tso's and lettuce wraps. The portions are generous...the Lo Mein was loaded with large prawns. We brought our own bottle, as they currently don't have a liquor license.

As they say on the menu, noodles are their thing. They offer many traditional Chinese dishes as well as many soups and dishes featuring their homemade noodles.

You can check out their menu at . The prices are excellent, especially in light of the portions.

Good times had by all! Po's earns high marks!

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  1. Amy

    I must have missed this one. Is it near Blue Koi? If so how does it compare?


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    1. re: Chef Gio

      Po's is west of Blue Koi, I believe in the next block. I personally didn't love Blue Koi, although I know that I'm in the minority on this one. Per your review, I may have to try it again.

      I think Po's may be less authentic than Blue Koi but less Americanized than Bo Ling's. The ingredients were fresh and I felt like the food wasn't loaded with MSG or weighted down by thick, sugary brown sauce (the hallmark of most Chinese restaurants in this area).

      As I understood it, the noodles are all made onsite. From the dishes we had, I would say at Po's, as opposed to most Midwestern Chinese restaurants, the sauces were light and more as a complement to the food and not to cover up the food.

      My husband and I went back this week (because I thought about the Lo Mein all week) and had another enjoyable time. Once again, we received great service and great food. My husband is a crab rangoon fan (uuuggghhh) and he said that they are some of the best he's ever had. I prefer the dumplings, I think...

      I hope this is helpful.

      1. re: amy_rc

        We're looking forward to visiting Po's. Your write up convinces us to try it very soon! Thanks for the good report.

        We like Blue Koi for dumplings and the duck wrap, but don't much care for their entrees. Everything tastes the same to me, star anise and five spice seem to be the predominant flavors in all of noodle and rice dishes. We do like to go for dumplings and a beer after work sometimes. The service is always cheerful and efficient. I do know some Asian who don't think it's terribly authentic.

    2. I just got back from Po's a few minutes ago. I thought it was a decent meal but nothing earth shaking. I had the General's chicken and my friend had the tofu with vegetables served in a hot pot. The chicken was decent. I found the sauce and breading to be a bit thick for my taste. Sort of a high class chicken nugget in a thick sauce with just a little bit of kick to it. The tofu and veggies was rather unremarkable. I really didn't expect anything great out of it. For starters we had the open end pork dumplings. They were the best part of the meal by far. The pork mixture was very tasty and the dumplings were cooked just right. Overall, I think the place is worth a visit, but I wouldn't say it is anything extraordinary.

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      1. re: jm054

        thanks for the comparison. I will give Po's a shot this week. The comment above about most of Blue Koi's food tasting the same is true. I have sat at the counter and watched the preparation and there are many common ingredients in most of the dishes. I am a Chef by trade so it was interesting to me how they streamline their prep and move some many guests through the small space.
        By the way I have reproduced their Scallion Biscuit with great results if anybody is interested in the recipe, it is very easy.


      2. We just stumbled upon Po's last night (having forgotten Blue koi is closed on Sunday). We didn't order a lot but we were thrilled with what we did order and excited for our next visit.

        We ordered steamed pork dumplings and shumai. I thought the pork dumplings were decent and the shumain at least more delicate than what is usually found around here. For our entree we ordered the Beef and Tomato Rice--excellent! I couldn't get enough of it. For starters, it's not common to find this on a menu--it is downhome Chinse cooking--something my mom would make or you'd find at the local take out place in Taipei. The only thing they did was add water chestnuts and some straw mushrooms - which gave it a bit more interest and I suspect they did that to so people unfamiliar with the dish wouldn't just say, "huh beef and tomatoes".

        We can't wait to try some of the other items. And it may end up replacing Blue Koi.