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Jun 30, 2007 02:44 PM

Amazing Food: Afghan Stall,Downsview Mkt

Wow...I had to post this place, it is hands down one of the best hidden gems in TO.

Just got back from Downsview market, lots of about the Post piece last weekend about the Aghan stand in the Food Court at Downsview and decided to check it out...we ate what the friendly owner reccommended, the Bolani, delicious flat bread with roasted potato and green onion stuffing, served with a simple chickpea salad, the steamed beef dumplings, topped with yoghurt and perfectly spiced yellow lentils...we are to go back tomorrow for the beef kebab and definately some more mouth is watering as I type this...even though this is a bit of a shlep from downtown TO, it is so worth it.

The owners are so nice and accomodating to boot, we hope to see them do well because they have some serious culinary skill and great Canadian spirit. Simply delicious.

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