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Jun 30, 2007 02:30 PM

Need Monday night dinner in St. Pete Beach

Cafe Luna was highly recommended on this board, but their Web site says that they are closed on Mondays. That is the only night I will be in SPB.

I'd like to find something else similar. I won't be eating seafood, so keep that in mind. I will have a car for transportation.


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  1. Snapper or their sister restaurant Mad fish ( which takes reservation) both in my opinion are better with sea food. Enjoy

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    1. re: rothdan

      Thanks for the suggestions. Do you happen to know if these restaurants have menus online?

      Also, since I am not interested in seafood, can I get some alternate recs?

      1. re: _V_

        Here is the (very tedious) website for Snappers:
        Both Mad Fish and Snapper's have good non seafood offerings.

        I also would second the recommendation by Check Please for the Pearl. One of my very favorite retaurants. Lamb tagine, delicious tapas, etc. Only five minutes from SPBeach too.

        1. re: joan

          Boy, that IS an irritating Web site. The menu looks good, but I think The Pearl is going to be the winner this time...

    2. Unfortunately there is not a lot on St Pete Beach (SPB) that is outstanding other than seafood. Since you have a car, St Pete is not that far of a drive and there are some good recommendations fairly close. I am not sure how familiar you are with the area, but just ask for directions.
      There is a continental restaurant called O'Bistro that is pretty good. I did not see a website but here is the City search info. it is about 15 mins away from the beach.
      Also on Treasure Island which is the next beach over going north there is also a
      continental restaurant called The Pearl. They do have a website with menus if you are in the mood for Pizza there is a great place called Vito and Michaels at 7704 Blind Pass Road, SPB.

      On Tierra Vierde which is a bridge away from SPB, there is a german restaurant called Good Times that is very good. They do not take credit cards! So have cash if you go.