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Jun 30, 2007 01:40 PM

Jamestown/Sonora Restaurants?

On the way to Yosemite in 2 weeks, our group of friends form Massachusetts will be staying in the Jamestown/Sonora area. Any ideas re: interesting things to eat in that area?
On the way back we will have a night in Sacramento and would love suggestions for that area as well.

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  1. The old hotel in Jamestown - people here will give you the name, or you can google it, as I don't remember - has good steaks. There are plenty of good places in Sonora, more than you'd think actually. Tell me what you're looking for in Sacramento and I'll give you a recommendation; as the most ethnically diverse city in the US, per capita (according to the last census) we have an enormous amount of ethnic food, mostly southeast Asian and Latin American. We also have good high-end stuff too, like Waterboy and Biba and 55 Degrees and The Kitchen.

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      Thanks! In Sacramento we would be looking for something ethnic, most likely vietnamese or Latin American. We will have been backpacking for a week so most likely will not want anything elegant but will be ready to sit down. We don't have any great Mexican food in our town, let alone other Latin American, so either of those would be great. Something authentic/family run/moderately priced would be fine.

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        We have LOTS of good Viet, Korean and Mexican. I'll let others recommend the Mexican, as I tend to eat at crummy little taquerias that you might not like. However:

        a) Hoa Viet on Broadway has excellent pho, good bun and other Vietnamese dishes. Avoid their Chinese menu, which is fine but nothing special. Great shakes, too, and bubble tea and all kinds of other stuff. Their specials are usually good.

        b) Andy Nguyen on Broadway is now completely vegan, so if you want a decent Viet vegan meal, that's a good place to go, but if you're not vegetarian I'd stick with A.

        c) there are a dozen good Vietnamese places along Stockton - Saigon is good as is the Vietnamese sandwich place next to SF Market way down stocktown. However, I think you'll be better off if you stay downtown.

        d) if you want meat, get Korean BBQ. Oz, on Bradshaw south of the freeway, is great for high-end Korean BBQ and has a big menu. Korea House on Folson near La Riviera is hard to find - in the back of a minimall - but it's usually quite good. There are 20 other Korean places in this area that are all decent enough.

        e) there's an excellent Laotian place called Vientiane in West Sacramento - very unfancy, often near-empty, but very very good and cheap. West Sacramento is just over the river west of downtown, and is nearer to downtown than Oz and the Korean places out on Folsom, which is a bit of a trek.

        email me at typographica - at - gmail - dotcom for more recommendations...

        1. re: hewn

          Thanks, will do.
          This is so helpful!

          1. re: hewn

            Not sure if Vientiane is up and running yet. Their old location was demolished. They are moving to Jefferson Square, 1001 Jefferson Street, West Sacramento. They were hoping to be open this month, but I don't know if that has been accomplished.

        2. re: hewn

          The Willows, I believe is the name of the Jametown steak restaurant in the old hotel - just recently eaten there - lots of food of undistinguished cuisine, but tasty - very good steaks, no fuss on dress requirement though the setting is nicely faux Victorian. Others recommended a new N. Italian place also on the main street in Jamestown.

          You might also want to check out the culinary department cafe at Columbia College right next to the ghostown of Columbia down the road from Jamestown, heading north - a stunningly beautiful campus and sometimes these culinary department programs are great dining experiences for the public too.

          Stay away from Villa Venezia in Grass Valley and New Moon in Nevada City.