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Jun 30, 2007 01:01 PM

My Favorite Chinese in Las Vegas

Just got Home from Vegas. My New Favorite Chinese is Harbor Palace Seafood on 4275 Spring Mountain Road. My First day of Lunch I Had the Chicken Chop Suey Combo Lunch
It came with Egg Drop Soup, Chicken Chop Suey, BBQ Pork Fried Rice. A BIG Plate for $5.95...... I Ate Every Bite. My Parents Enjoyed the Seafood Chow mein, A Good sized platter of Pan Fried Noodles Topped with Lots of Chinese Broccoli, Fish, Squid, Scallops, & Big Shrimp..... $9.95 My Last Lunch there I Had the Wor Won Ton Soup, $ 7.95 Loaded Full of Veggies & Meats... Excellent tasting Broth. Oh Yeah the Dim Sum is Excellent! They are open from 10AM-5AM So Great for late night Munching....... I Will be back!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This has been one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas since they opened up back in 1999. I particularly like their fish dishes. Realistically though there are probably 10 other places in or near Las Vegas Chinatown that are as good or better. As with the Chinese food in Los Angeles, your more recently opened restaurants are often, though not always, better than those that have a longer history of operation.

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        What are Your Other reccomendations?

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          Best of the bunch is probably Joyful House, 4601 Spring Mountain. Another place I like is called Sun Gourmet, but in actuality it's a dive with really good food. It's at 4711 Spring Mountain. Other good choices include K J Kitchen, 5960 Spring Mountain; Chang's, 4670 S. Decatur; Noodle Palace, 5115 Spring Mountain (upstairs in the Shun Fat Market shopping mall); Orchid's Garden, 5485 W. Sahara; Cathay House, 5300 Spring Mountain; and Cafe Noodle & BBQ, 4355 Spring Mountain.

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            KJ's Kitchen is really good. I used to eat there at least once every couple weeks. Highly recommended.

      2. I also like the neon-lit windows at Harbor Palace - it somehow adds a city element to your dining experience. Food has been consistently fantastic especially when late night dining options are limited.


        1. i eat chinese once a week with my SO ( who is chinese ) there really are many, many places to enjoy in chinatown - the key is which chinese style you prefer...we give high marks to harbor palace because they are open late ( SO gets off work at 1:30 am ) and i love the rice noodles...also enjoy the green beans..she likes...well, i'm not sure what the names are of the dishes she prefers...but she likes them !!

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            Holy cRAP! What a difference a month makes...... I Just got home from Vegas, Yes iwent to Harbor Palace..... Besides an almost empty dining room except for 3 other tables at 6pm? The Soup Seaweed & Bean Curd was First Lukewarm, Almost flavorless. The Main Course Seafood Chowmein Was Flavorless almost bare of toppings. The Only dish with flavor was the Chicken with chinese Vegetables..... All it consisted of was baby bok choy, a FEW slivers of carrots & Chicken.....Oh At least the Sauce was flarvorfull. Took a walk to Ranch 99 market and Noticed Sam Woo's Was FULL! Oh well next day for lunch went to K J Kitchen...... Tea was bland, waited 15 minutes and still no service, Called the head guy at the register I want to order, OK! the count down began 9 minutes and 56 seconds later he came to take my order 4 more seconds and i would have walked out........ GRRRRRR!!!!!!! ok i ordered spring rolls & Wor won ton soup.... Spring rolls were ok...... soup was Ok also..... finished and asked Register Dude CHECK PLEASE! OK! another 14 minutes later after asking the other waitress 2nd time for the check....OK! GEEZZZ!!!!!!!!! I know Good help is hard to find But If i were a Business person or someone working not on vacation i would've Be Raising Cain.......Needless to say I WON'T Be back..... Guess i'll try joyfull house next time