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Jun 30, 2007 12:57 PM

Kreuger's Flatbread in Haverhill

I'm thinking about going to Kruger's for pizza tonight. Has anyone been there and have recommendations? How does it compare to Flatbread in Amesbury?

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  1. NO comparison. i went to Krugers when they first opened and found their sauce to be overly sweet (and i like a sweet sauce) and the overall pie to be very similar to Sal's (also a fave) but The Amesbury Flatbread Company is in a whole other league. i really don't call what Kruger's is selling flatbread, it is decent, pizza, just not flatbread.
    try both, i think you'll see what i mean.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      I work down the street from Kruger's and went there once. Never again. I can't even figure out why they call it flatbread pizza. Such a mediocre pie. I would not make a special trip for it.

      1. re: Trixie Too

        Have you been to the place next door to Kreuger's, it's called Olivia's?

        I thought the food was good there and have been meaning to go back. I hope they are still open.

        I tried Kreuger's once before, and when I think of flatbread pizza, as SS says, I think of the Amesbury Flatbread Pizza.

        1. re: Infomaniac

          No, and I haven't heard of it. What type of food is it?

          1. re: Trixie Too

            It's mostly Italian food and in the same building as Kreuger's. I went for lunch earlier this year and have been meaning to try them for dinner. I wish I could remember more about the menu, but I remember it looking good for Haverhill.

      2. re: ScubaSteve

        We went to Krueger's Saturday night and it was pretty disappointing. Though the pies are baked in a brick oven the crust didn't have much flavor to it . Also the selections of pies are limited, and they don't offer toppings to create your own. We had a Cesar salad pizza (chicken Cesar salad on top of a pie) and a half three cheese (one of which was cheddar) and half mushroom, sausage and caramelized onion which both weren't very memorable. We've been to the Flatbread in Portland, and I believe the one in Amesbury is run by the same folks and makes a much better pie.

      3. UPDATE-
        although we were not fans when they first opened, i must say that last night was a very good experience. the place was pretty packed around 7pm but we snagged a table in about 15minutes. ordered a large cheese 1/2 sausage and a large 'roni both well done. very, very good. the too sweet sauce was toned down and the oven seems to have been seasoned since our last visit as both pies had a nice woody smoky flavor that was not overpowering. this, accompanied by perky quick service and ice cold Stellas means that we will be back.