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Jun 30, 2007 12:38 PM

Brunch at the Independent

Three of us had brunch at the Independent today. They are now serving at 10 on Sat. and 11 on Sun. We were there about 10:30 and no one else was in the place.

My husband and I had eggs benedict, with a very decent hollandaise (I know, I know, Tony would disapprove) and a thick rasher of good bacon in place of the canadian bacon. The accompanying hashbrown cake was hot and crispy, if a little greasy. Our son had a solid eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, all quite tasty. The house bloody mary was pretty good, if somewhat underseasoned. Next time we'll go for the Hot Bloody Maria, with house habanero-infused tequila in place of the vodka.

The menu also included mussels frites, a baked reuben, fries with aioli, a burger, plus more standard breakfast fare like an omelet of the day and a croissant egg sandwich. I don't remember seeing any pancakes or french toast, though I could be wrong.

All in all, a very decent meal, and we managed to snag some great strawberries at the Union farmers' market right out in front.

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  1. I personally haven't tried the Indo's brunch, but I have seen that the head chef, Paul O., is there during brunch--hopefully an indication that the food is more than an afterthought.

    BTW, had a smoked pork chop there recently that was top-notch; waitress mentioned that chef Paul is hooked on smoking pork, and to expect more smoked menu items throughout the summer. Count me in...

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    1. re: garlic breath

      Is Paule O a new chef at the Independent? Does this mean I should give this restaurant another shot?

      I used to love this place about 3-4 years ago? I rally loved there price fix, great food at a great price. Then it went REALLY downhill and after 2 bad experiences we stopped going.

      I hope I hear good news that they have a new chef!

    2. Ooh...same question that someone else had about another place -- are the hash browns made with shredded potatoes? Or are they more like home-style potatoes?

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      1. re: SugarHound

        They are finely shredded potatoes made into pancakes. Good and greasy and very hot, but on the greasy side.