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Jun 30, 2007 12:18 PM

Carrot cake slice like the one from The Cheescake Factory

I am not looking for a whole cake, simply a moist delicious slice filled with fresh grated carrots, pineapples, walnuts, depth and wetness a la my favorite slice from this cheesecake-heavy chain. Amy's is way too dry and crumbly as is the case with Magnolia's slice. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Have you tried Soutine on the UWS?

    1. Billy's does a fairly moist version of Carrot cake

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      1. re: Bottom Feeding Foodie

        Agree. Just had this last weekend, and cake dough was very moist and flavorful.

      2. I do recall enjoying Cheesecake Factory's carrot cake immensely. Haven't had it in a few years. Is there a Paradise Bakery in NY? If so, you should try their 14 Karat cake... so perfect, you don't need the icing!

        1. Had the carrot cake at Palm Too the other night and it was delicious, moist and filled with walnuts, don't remember any pineapples though.

          1. I think that the carrot cake at Good Enough to Eat on the UWS may be the very moist (wet) sort that you're looking for, or at least it was the time that I had it.