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Lunch/dinner in Georgetown?

Hello!! Would love to get good eats, both inexpensive and moderate prices (not to exceed $40 per person) in Georgetown for lunch and dinner... Love almost all cuisines!! Thank you!

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  1. Well, at the high end, you have Michel Richard's Citronelle, but that will hurt your budget. I've always liked 1789 -- I am friends with the fellow who sold it to Clyde's, and as far as I know, Clyde's hasn't ruined it. I haven't been to Hook yet, but I've heard the raves about this seafood eatery. Billy Martin's Tavern is an age-old Georgetown institution and you'll get great crabcakes there. Just a bit north of Georgetown is 2 Amys, and there are quite a few devotees on this Board.

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      Thank you for the suggestions everyone! Keep 'em coming :)

    2. Tombs is a great lunch spot in Georgetown. It is a favorite of Georgetown students, but there are plenty of non students there, and the food is excellent and relatively inexpensive. It doesn't seem too touristy either.

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        Love university towns... where there are hungry college students there are many inexpensive good eats. Love the wonderful diversity of cuisines to be found, too!!

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          F. Scott's, The Tombs and 1789 are the three restaurants my friend sold to Clyde's almost 20 years ago, and all three are still going strong.

        2. Miss Saigon - Vietnamese. apps ~ $5. Main courses ~ $12. Yummy.

          1. Zed's Ethiopian - sensational and moderately priced.

            1. Pizza Paradiso for good pizza.
              Aditi for Indian

              1. A few inexpensive gems are Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen for Indian, Moby Dick for kebabs, and Garrett's for the North Carolina style chopped pork sandwich. Mendocino Grille for upscale, particularly salads, charcuterie, and seafood. Get to Leopold's Kafe and Konditorei for the Kosnocken, a skillet of pototoes, cheese, and onions that is very delicious.

                1. I second Zed's, Pizza Paradiso, and Garrett's. The funny thing about Garrett's is that it seems like your basic college bar on the outset, but their food is surprisingly good. I also recommend Bangkok Bistro for Thai; and The Guards, especially for burgers, but I've never been disappointed by their other menu items. Cafe Tu O Tu is a great spot for lunch, they have a sunny little patio out back. I really miss their stuffed grape leaves--haven't been able to find any as good anywhere else. All of these places are moderate to inexpensive.

                  1. Agraria- in the harborfront, good views and should be under the price range for lunch, but not for dinner.

                    1. Also for budget eating - Harmony Cafe on M Street (down some stairs next to Modern Night Club).

                      Food is great - plus they have veggie for your veggie only friends. Only downside is that the owner (1 lady with the new wave hair cut) does all the waiting herself, so expect a wait if it has any decent amount of people ahead of you. I have 1.5 hours for lunch and thats the only place where I cut it close when I go there to eat.