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Jun 30, 2007 12:14 PM

Lunch/dinner in Georgetown?

Hello!! Would love to get good eats, both inexpensive and moderate prices (not to exceed $40 per person) in Georgetown for lunch and dinner... Love almost all cuisines!! Thank you!

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  1. Well, at the high end, you have Michel Richard's Citronelle, but that will hurt your budget. I've always liked 1789 -- I am friends with the fellow who sold it to Clyde's, and as far as I know, Clyde's hasn't ruined it. I haven't been to Hook yet, but I've heard the raves about this seafood eatery. Billy Martin's Tavern is an age-old Georgetown institution and you'll get great crabcakes there. Just a bit north of Georgetown is 2 Amys, and there are quite a few devotees on this Board.

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      Thank you for the suggestions everyone! Keep 'em coming :)

    2. Tombs is a great lunch spot in Georgetown. It is a favorite of Georgetown students, but there are plenty of non students there, and the food is excellent and relatively inexpensive. It doesn't seem too touristy either.

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        Love university towns... where there are hungry college students there are many inexpensive good eats. Love the wonderful diversity of cuisines to be found, too!!

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          F. Scott's, The Tombs and 1789 are the three restaurants my friend sold to Clyde's almost 20 years ago, and all three are still going strong.

        2. Miss Saigon - Vietnamese. apps ~ $5. Main courses ~ $12. Yummy.

          1. Zed's Ethiopian - sensational and moderately priced.

            1. Pizza Paradiso for good pizza.
              Aditi for Indian