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Jun 30, 2007 11:52 AM

Figs- what to do?

What can I do with figs besides jellies and jams?

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  1. fresh figs? OMG, delight in them, taste, enjoy, serve with a good cured spanish ham, some lavendar honey, a dry blue cheese. endulge!

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    1. re: Quine

      Great sliced and put with mix greens, some goat cheese, thinly sliced red onion and make a balsmic and olive oil dressing.

      Love figs sliced and slightly smashed over almond butter on a super grain good bread or whole wheat and drizzle honey, half openface sandwich.

    2. Fresh figs are such a treat! They lend themselves equally well to sweet and savory applications.
      Try goat cheese and fig crostini. Borolo and fig sauce over seared duck breasts. Cut then from the stem down into 4 wedges - but not all the way through, fill them with blue cheese, drizzle with good balsamic vinegar.
      Best of all dip them into creamy marscapone cheese and feed them to your sweetie!

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        I adore fresh figs eaten just as they are. But for a great side dish, cut three quarters of the way down one side, stuff with a teaspoon or so of soft goat cheese, wrap with a slice of proscuitto, skewer and bake at about 350 til the proscuitto begins to crisp. For a pretty presentation, I break off three inch pieces from my rosemary bush, remove the rosemary from the bottom inch and use those as skewers. Also creates a heavenly smell in the kitchen as the figs cook.

      2. If you have access to a torch, slice the figs in 1/2 top to bottom fill that lil seed cavity with goat cheese or blue, dip the exposed side in sugar and caramelize like creme brulee. Leave a pile of these in any high traffic area in the home or office and watch them disappear. enjoy;)

        1. YEH! OMG - Fresh figs are the bomb. Slice and grill lightly- drizzle a reduced balsamic over them then use as a topping for baked brie! YUM. Add to vanilla ice cream. Grill chicken and figs, add to basmati rice. Add to a banana bread, .......make your own fig newtons...

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            My dear aunt just gave me some fresh figs, which I love. Busy week at work, let them sit on the counter too long, and they were preparing to join the other side - SO - prepared one pie crust for a galette, placed on parchment paper on good cooking sheet. Crumbled leftover variety of cookies on center as a base. Trimmed nasties off figs and cut into wedges. Added about 3 T brown sugar, generous coupla splashes vanilla, zest of a whole lemon, and some frozen raspberries. Stirred all this together, piled onto center pyre of cookie crumbles, folded crust galette style atop, brushed with cream, and sprinkled with shredded blanched almonds and sprinkled with sugar, baked fairly high into DIVINE dessert. BTW, I just saw the movie "Ratatouille" and am SO inspired!!!

          2. Clafoutis--sort of like sweet yorkshire pudding with fruit in the bottom.