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Jun 30, 2007 11:26 AM

Lobster in Cambridge


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  1. Please elaborate. Are you looking for live lobster to take home to steam, to eat steamed or whatever in a restaurant, or more for a lobster roll type of causal plac?

      1. I've known lobsters to attempt to flee from a steaming pot, but never did they make it as far as the keyboard to send a 'rescue me' message on CH.

        When I stop learning, bury me.

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        1. re: okra

          No, silly-- it's a singles ad! "Lobster in Cambridge seeks like-minded crustacean..."

          To keep it on topic, though...Alive and Kicking off Putnam Street (right near the River Street Whole Foods) is a good source.

        2. Hilarious! I was in Boston this past weekend and wanted to get some lobster while staying at a hotel in Cambridge. I started this topic on my phone web didn't realize I had actually submitted.

          Thanks for the suggestions even if you didn't know the details of what I wanted!

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          1. re: JoLi

            C'mon JoLi,
            You obviously wanted to meet another like-minded crustacean like newhound said :-))