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Jun 30, 2007 10:04 AM

Legit Italian in the South Bay

Alright foodies, I have been to a few legit places in LA county and SF, but I have had trouble finding legit italian in the south bay.

Frascati - Decent, but nothing to write home about
Mangiamo - The most promising
Caffe Pierre - Not fully Italian
Il Boccacco - decent, especially given its location
Buona Sera - Only really great dish is th pumpkin ravioli
Il Chianti - Love the Japanese fusion and is good, but not top tier pure italian.

On the top of my places to try is


Coccoloe Laboratory de gusto

These places sound pretty promising, especially Saluzzi!

Anyhow, if any of you have tried Saluzzi or Coccole, please let me know what you thought.

The only top tier Italian I have had in the south bay has been La Sosta Enoteca in Hermosa Beach. Great location (for me at least), great rustic decor, and nice wait staff. The prices are a tad bit too high, but this is LA, so what can you do. Everything about this place is great, however the cutting board is the shining star making this the best italian restaurant in the south bay in my opinion.

Anyhow, if anyone can help me on my quest to match la sosta enoteca, please pass me the info. Also, I encourage you to try it if you havent.

Saluzzi is still new and unkown, so it would be great to hear from people who have tried it.

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  1. Going to Coccole tonight, will report back.

    1. Here's a review for Saluzzi:

      Also, Il Toscano in Hillside Village.

      Haven't been to either!

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      1. re: ristretto

        Went to Il Toscano about 2 years ago and found it to be very authentic Italian, but nothing to "wow" about.

      2. Il Toscano is good. I used to go there for business lunches when I was based on Hawthorne Blvd.
        But the hands down, best Itlo place in South Bay is Neils Pasta and Seafood in San Pedro. I keep posting about it.....but f' it. I am going to treat it like cape coders do there oyster beds. shut up.

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        1. re: peterboy

          Neil's is very good. I also love Rafello's. I order the gnocci alfredo - not on the menu but a definite comfort food. The best calamari fritti anywhere in LA. Light and not greasy with a wonderful dipping marinara. The bruscetta is what all others should be judge by. (It is included with every meal along with a plate of freshly roasted red peppers.) The Calamari alla Teresa (squid in a spicy tomato sauce with peas) is another favorite. Tortellini alla panna, penne alla vodka, the sea bass . . . Cioppino is best on the West Coast. Don't forget to scoop up every last bit with their home made bread. Dessert menu is weak - Bindi ice cream. You will be too full anyway. But no worries, cruise to Port Towne cafe for glato or crepes.

          1. re: gaylenwaydelich

            I like Raffaello's, too. Maybe the best thing is the gracious presentation of that complimentary red pepper appetizer. They are also very sweet people and the food is good; not great but solid stuff. The faux opera serenades by the owner's wife can be a bit over the top though, and what is up with the plastic sheets covering the table clothes?
            Picky, I know, but we are CH'ers after all.

          2. re: peterboy

            I agree with Neil's and Rafaello and also like Marcello here in Pedro.

          3. Did you read my review on Coccole Laboratory del Gusto under "Coccole Laboratory del Gusto - South Bay Secret", yet? Let me know what you think.

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            1. re: kealoha

              Here's the link to my review of Coccole Laboratory del Gusto:


            2. The original comment has been removed