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Jun 30, 2007 09:14 AM

Giusti's summer vacation

I finally got a hold of someone at Osteria Giusti in Modena last night! The eight hour time difference complicates things slightly, when they are just open for lunch. At any rate, I tried to make a reservation for July 28, but they are closed for a vacation from July 23 - August 31 (2007). Just to let everyone else know who might be calling. Next time.....

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  1. As a follow up to that I called to make reservations for a recent Sat and was told they are booked on Saturdays until Sept 29. Please confirm for yourself but I have a table for Sept 29 and am looking forward to it.

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      Nope they actually said gone for vacation - September 29 would be after that I'm assuming (august 31 is the end of their holiday)