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Jun 30, 2007 08:45 AM

Where to get sushi ingrediants?

My mother just came back from san diego and i guess she went on her first sushi binge. I want to surprise her for her birthday by making her a medely of sushi. I live in the Methuen area but dont mind going to the Boston area.

Also if someone knows where to get fresh makerel it would be much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Dio di Romanese. I've found that the Kotobukiya Market at the Porter Sq Exchange is a great resource for sushi-making supplies. They always have nice cuts of sashimi-grade fish in their fresh-case, and if you get there early enough, there's a good variety. You can also find sashimi-grade fish at New Deal Seafood in Cambridge. I'd recommend checking out Super 88 as well, if only for the experience -- I always walk out of there with way more food than I have the time or appetite to take advantage of.

    I don't make sushi often, so probably some other hounds will have more incisive rec's, but these are certainly a good place to start. Good luck!

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      In addition to Porter Exchange you can get a good deal on sushi making supplies (sticky rice, seaweed wrappers, etc) at the Asian market in Central Square. I've had good luck with the sushi grade tuni at Wholefoods.

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        Yoshinoya closed, I drove by yesterday and it was shuttered with a 'For Lease' sign up. Too bad, IMO, but I don't live by there any more.

        Kotobukiya is very good, there's also a place down by No Name that I've read about on Chowhound that is supposed to have a very good fish selection for sushi, open on weekends.

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          That would be Sea to No Name...

          They have a good variety..but sometimes the fish is a little past peak...

          New Deal in Cambridge is very good.

          Or you could do what I do when I want fresh fish for sushi..:)..sorry I couldn't resist..

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            Ok, I'm jealous! Great pics 9lives.

    2. quality will never be an issue at kotobukiya, but price might. i splurge there for raw fish (something you wouldn't want to mess with), but might buy staples such as rice, rice vinegar, nori, or wasabi someplace a bit more affordable such as reliable market (best bet, IMO) in union sq. or even super88 in allston (though many of their japanese ingredients seem to be a bit stale). happy sushi-ing!

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        Ameria, that's a great point, thanks for pointing that out. I forgot about the pricing of their staple items. What you pay for, I suppose, is the convenience of not having to stop at multiple shops all over town. ;)