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Jun 30, 2007 07:44 AM

Sun. Brunch in Central Sq. Camb

I'm having brunch tomorrow with a friend who lives in Cambridgeport, but who eats out rarely. If we wanted something walking/short distance what do people recommend? Rendez-Vous? Does Central Kitchen serve brunch? I've never been to the Blue Room's brunch and it gets a pretty animated response here. Others? Thanks!

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  1. Blue Room brunch is good but I find it can get a little crowded in the last hour. Hit it early for best selection.

    If it's nice I'd walk to East Coast Grill. Great latin style brunch and bloody mary's. My favorite hear is the duck relleno.

    Toscanini has an interesting brunch at the big table. Call ahead to confirm that they're doing it that day.

    B-Side brunch can be a good option especially if you're running late.

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      I've only had dinner at the B-side, but their brunch menu is posted outside the bathrooms, and I've always wanted to try it.

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        Agreed, ECG is a fun brunch. The build your own bloody mary bar is fun, but as I learned last time, watch out for the Dave's Insanity sauce if you want something that's not painful to drink <g>

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          Thanks for all the replies, we ended up walking to a place called Zoe's, which used to be Johnnies Luncheonette, a while ago, in the mall where the Dolphin Restaurant is near Harvard Sq. While the place was packed and service fine, it is your basic pancakes/french toast/eggs breakfast, though they serve their full menu. I ate the crunchy french toast with bacon on the side and iced coffee, I think it was fine, but wouldn't send anyone to Zoe's if they had other more interesting options. Breakfast for two was $25 with tip, so compared to some of the other options, this is definitely a way to go out for breakfast if you don't want to spend a lot. (lots of families and groups of students as you might expect)