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Jun 30, 2007 07:38 AM

Anyone been to the new Thai place in Rhinebeck?

I was wondering if anyone has been to that new Thai place in Rhinebeck that replaced the tea-time place -- next to the farmer's market. I'd love a good Thai place if in fact it's good.


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  1. I just went to Ario today. The appetizers are great (the fresh rolls aka summer rolls are wonderful, as well as the deep fried tofu) and I LOVE their pad thai. My husband and I especially enjoyed our mango with sticky rice dessert. It is a relief to finally have a great Thai restaurant in the Hudson Valley area. Two thumbs up!

    1. Did it replace A Spot of Tea?

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      1. re: dbug31

        Yep! And it happened overnight (well, not really, but in the course of a week I think). We passed Spot of Tea on a Sunday and said "Oh! Your parents are in town next weekend and they love this stuff...we'll go then" ...But poof! It was gone by the following Sunday

        Sad, indeed.

        1. re: kimberlya

          No kidding. My husband & I knew the owners when we lived in the area.
          We almost went to work for them... : (

          1. re: dbug31

            I was very sad. Have any idea what happened? I heard that the owner was a CIA chef (which alone would be enough to drive anyone mad).

            1. re: kimberlya

              No idea what happened...
              He is/was a CIA chef, truly a lovely gentleman.
              Although I may be biased as I'm a CIA alumnus.

              1. re: dbug31

                A lot of them are great people (and you should always root for the home team)

                But now where do I get my tea time fix?

                I suppose the mangoes and sticky rice are a small consolation.... =)

      2. My daughter and I had lunch there 2-3 weeks ago. we got there at about 11;45 and were the only customers until we were almost done eating. We split a papaya salad that was medocre at best, and seemed to be devoid of papaya (I've had this dish at several Thai places, including Sripraphai in Woodside, Queens). Daughter had a vegetarian pad thai and was singularly unimpressed. flavor was relatively bland and many of the ingredients appeared to American and not Asian vegetables. I had the green curry which was not bad, but its flavor was not as complex as I have had at most Thai places. Prices were, in my opinion (even as a Rhinebeck resident) outrageously high (the total bill for these three dishes, no dessert and drinking only water) was about $45). Perhaps we have been spoiled by Sripraphai, but we do not plan to return to Aroi.

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        1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

          no offense, but sripraphai is a gold standard for thai anywhere east of california; comparing *any* place to it isn't really fair.

          i'm hoping for someplace just slightly worse than a couple manhattan places i've eaten at, such as chanpen and pongsri.

          haven't checked out the rhinebeck place yet, but....get this...there's a place opening on route 9g in hyde park, about 1/2 miles south of the rita's water ice. it's called "thai house" in the former tropics building. i'd really love it if there were a decent thai place around poughkeepsie...

          (and as a side note, there's a simple sripraphai drunken noodles recipe floating around on the 'net, which i've made and is *real* good.)

          1. re: bob gaj

            I saw that the other day! Know anything about it?

            1. re: kimberlya

              I think the sign has been there for over a month since I saw it the first time. The last restaurant never opened, so I'm not hopeful of this one either. However, the other day when I drove by, there was an Asian guy checking the mail box, and he could be the owner. In that case, I'm still 60% hopeful that it'll open for business.

              1. re: moosesocks

                Hahaha. That's a good sign. I'm barely back there. Are there any other interesting places along 9-G that I'm not aware of? I haven't made it to Diaspora yet but hope to soon.

                I miss Berkeley...

                1. re: kimberlya

                  What about El Mariachi, located in one of the strip mall on the east side of 9G? anyone tried it? I passed it the other day after not having been on 9G in about 2 months.

                  1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

                    We've been there a couple of times. The food is fresh and the flavors are good with the items that we've had so far. Price is also reasonable with just about righ portion size. I hope they stay open - we were the only table there the last two times when we went.....

                    1. re: moosesocks

                      It always seems that way with places around here. I love Mole Mole and go there often, but we're usually the only ones there? Hm.

                      1. re: kimberlya

                        We were very excited when Mole Mole opened near us. We love the restaurant, but hated having to drive to Main Street Poughkeepsie. From what I hear, they do a good lunch business from the At Francis, so don't let the empty dining room fool you.

                      2. re: moosesocks

                        We've been to El Mariachi a few times also. Twice, there has been another table of diners, but we are usually alone. The food is good, plentiful, and reasonably priced.

                        1. re: jweisner64

                          A thread about El Mariachi:

                          I lived in Hyde Park for many years. I would have been *thrilled* if we'd had Mexican and Thai restaurants back then. You had to go to Poughkeepsie or even further away to get any kind of "ethnic" food. I still remember the excitement we felt when our first Chinese places opened up.

          2. The menu looks pretty lame....chichen soup?? Then again, I had the pleasure of living in Berkeley with countless good Thai places.

            I might go just for the mango and sticky rice (I love the stuff) that someone mentioned below

            1. I did take-out once from there. The flavor is good, but I think it's a bit pricy for the amount of food. I guess it'd be worth it if I had dined in the restaurant. Anyhow, it's still worth a try.