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Do your Food magazines arrive late?

I subscribe to Cooks, Food and Wine, Saveur, Gourmet and Bon Appetit, and they all regularly arrive at my house much later than the newstand copies - sometimes 2 or 3 weeks later! Does this happen to your subscriptions? Do the publishers do this on purpose? Is my mailman reading my mags before delivering? TIA.

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  1. this happens with my food and wine. never when I subscribed to bon appetite though.

    1. This happens with my Saveur subscription all the time and I have complained to them about it. (Imagine how far THAT got me...) Gourmet OTOH arrives far more promptly. Go figure.

      1. Yes, I have also noticed this. My husband subscribes to several home theatre mags and it seems like they show up every other week,,,, sigh. I sit and wait patiently for mine.

        1. Yes! I have noticed this for years. I finally just let all my subscriptions expire. The frustration just wasn't worth.. I couldn't stand seeing an article that I really wanted to read on the newstand but then having to wait to actually read it.

          1. Eating Well mag arrives early and within a week of newstand. Most newstands carry such a small inventory that I feel home delivery is worth missing out altogether.

            1. This is what I've been told by publishing people.

              Most publishers schedule the magazines to mail and arrive at least a couple of weeks ahead of newsstand copies. But once it hits the USPS system, it is out of the publishers control and that's why calling them doesn't do a lot of good.

              The publishers have better control over the newsstand copies since its all delivered by trucks contracted to the publishers. The newsstand date can be controlled easily.

              Apparently the mail delivery is a constant problem but it is the cheapest way of delivering and short of FedExing to every subscriber, there's not a better alternative. Obviously FedExing is expensive.

              I experienced delivery problems with one of my weekly mags when I moved. I used to get it on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week date. But in my new place, the earliest I've been getting it is Thursday or Friday and frequently not till Monday of the following week. Frustrating for time sensitive info. I'd cancel but the newsstand rate is higher.

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                I don't know that this really explains why some magazines are consistently late, by a matter of weeks, not days. My Gourmet subscription is almost always delivered in a timely fashion, whereas my Saveur subscription is almost always late, usually by 2 weeks or more. But as you said, the price is right (I got my Saveur subscription for $30 for 3 years) so for now I'm not cancelling.

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                  I went to the Saveur site and signed up for their "get a free issue then decide if you want to subscribe" deal.
                  I got the bill...and no magazine yet.
                  I refuse to pay them until I at least get to see an issue.

                  1. re: QueenB

                    Yes, I remember that the first two issues of my Saveur subscription took a particluarly long time to come, to the point where I called and complained so vociferously that they extended the length of my subscription (which I made sure to write on my receipt and will watch closely to make sure they honor the extension... I can be such a pain in the butt.)

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                      If the magazine is published 6x's a year, your first official issue could fall btwn publication dates delaying the cycling of your subscription start date.

                      USPS lists mags as 2nd class mail and they can be some of the last mail delivered.

                      And, if your mailing label "falls off" your magazine.....someone else is reading it.

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                        I think you hit it on the head: "USPS lists mags as 2nd class mail and they can be some of the last mail delivered." That would explain why my mags are so consistently late by weeks, not days. Grrrr...

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                          Claudette, just so we don't blame USPS entirely...it is the publisher that negotiate magazine rateable with the postal service.

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                            I think you're right, HillJ! I just realized that my New Yorker, BusinessWeek (and other non-food mags) always come on time. Now I'm doubly annoyed that my Gourmet and Chocolatier always arrive weeks after they show up on newstands.

              2. Not as late as porn, so I've heard.

                1. My gourmet is always late. Usually is on the stands close to 2 weeks before I get it. I called them to ask about it and got an extremely snooty reply that a subscription is only guaranteed to be sent to you, they don't have to get it to you before it hits the stands, or sometimes even in the same month.

                  Bon Appetite always arrives before it hits the stands and 2-3 weeks before Gourmet.

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                    Yeah, my Bon Appetit is usually in my mailbox the same day or the day after I see it on newstands. Gourmet is sold so few places near me that I am not tortured by seeing it before I get it in the mail. My Gourmet comes weeks after Bon Appetit.

                    Having applied for and used a Periodical Permit for direct mail at my job, I will say that the Periodical rate is SOOOO cheap with the USPS that magazines have no choice by to send that way, and there are not delivery guarantees (someone mentioned this earlier). But, the savings is usually passes on to me via the discounted and convenient home delivery vs. newstand.