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Jun 30, 2007 07:13 AM


Does anyone know of a place to get okonomiyaki in Manhattan (and beyond)?

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  1. the only place i know is otafuku on 9th st bet 2nd and 3rd ave. it's pretty good.

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      Otafuku is the best and most authentic okonomiyaki in NYC. Not Hiroshima-style though, so no noodles in it (and I love that stuff from my days in Hiroshima). They give you a very large 2 cake portion for about $7, or you can get 1 in combination with some tako-yaki or yakisoba for about $8. But it is just a hole-in-the-wall (almost literally - a truly tiny space) with absolutely no seating other than a park bench out on the sidewalk, so its really for carryout.

      I would love to see a Japanese-style sit down grill-it-yourself okonomiyaki place in NYC, but I'm not sure it would work. The one time I remember it being tried here the place was open for a little more than a year, took a lot of grief from the city bureaucracy, saw its business slip, and then closed shop.

    2. There're two places I like for okonomiyaki near Otafuku. On St. Marks Place, off Third Avenue, there's the place on the downtown side of the street with the outdoor seating. After 7 or so they have okonomiyaki and a great version called Dynamite-yaki made with kim-chee. Then further east on St. Mark's there's Typhoon which does a very nice okonomiyaki made with rice AND noodles, crunchy and tasty. And the place with the big Racoon on St. Mark's makes one too -- don't remember it being that distinctive -- but that place is fun for a visit anyways.

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        The "big racoon" is a Tanuki. Which may look like one, but isn't really a racoon at all. It's a canine!

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          The place with tanuki in front is Kenka, which really is most known for $1.50 beers -- the okonomiyaki I had there was pretty bad (way too soggy/gummy in the middle so could only nibble on the edges).

          1. re: olia

            Aah, Kenka ... you know you're in for quality when the menu has listed prices for vomiting and glass breakage. And as bad as their okonomiyaki is, it's mighty tasty at 3:30 am!

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          "there's the place on the downtown side of the street with the outdoor seating"
          Do you mean Go?

        3. In Brooklyn, Geido does okonomiyaki. B/Q to 7th Ave, 331 Flatbush Ave.

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          1. I've had it at Yakitori Taisho on St. Mark's, and at Otafuku on 9th. Otafuku's is much better.

            1. Thanks guys. As always CH is a great resource!