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Jun 30, 2007 12:38 AM

Great breakfast/brunch in Sterling, Reston, Herndon areas?

Hello!! Am flying into Washington, D.C. Dulles airport (IAD) and need to know where I may find great breakfasts (protein pancakes, extraordinary French toast, Belgian waffles, awe-inspiring omelettes, etc.). I've eaten at Virginia Kitchen, some other place I cannot recall the name as I didn't enjoy the breakfast there, and Amphora. So far, VK is the best of the three... I'm sure there are much higher-quality and flavorful breakfast eateries out there? Should I give Amphora another try? Otherwise, we may be heading to Virginia Kitchen again.

We'll be heading back to Sterling from the airport, so any suggestions along our way would be fantastic! Thank you!

p.s. Any suggestions while in Woodbridge (I think Prince William area...), as well?

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  1. I love Amphora, is VK still there? It used to be in the KMart shopping center and I never knew it moved. I'd give Amphora another shot, that's always my rec to people.

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      what would you recommend my trying at amphora? i had the waffle and egg combo for my first visit. it was alright. i need more pizzazz when dining out. i'm open to most entree suggestions (breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, salads, dinner, etc.).

      VK is still open for business. what do you have when you go there? also, suggestions for good eats in the area?

      thank you!

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        We ordered the Monday breakfast special of blueberry French toast with a side of bacon, chocolate chip pancakes for my niece, Jr. pancake breakfast for my nephew, and my sis had the scrambled eggs with bacon. The French toast is very, very good!! I almost asked to turn around and walk out, not realizing that we had eaten here the last time... I ordered the VA ham breakfast and was so disappointed with the exhorbitantly marbled slices of ham presented to me. Thank goodness I gave the eatery another shot and spotted the BB FT special. I almost wished I hadn't tried some of my niece's chocolate chip pancakes and just concentrated on my Fr. toast (I wouldn't have overeaten that way). Almost :) The pancakes here are very, very good (even the plain ones).

        When I lamented to the cashier that we almost walked out on acct. of my disappointment with the last visit, she told me that if I could request leaner slices of ham next time. Nice to know, but I may never get past the French toast (other varieties are strawberries and... maybe banana?).

        We'll try to squeeze in Amphora before I leave, but I need to hear suggestions as to the best choices in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

      2. Hi, I'm a HUGE fan of First Watch in Herndon ( at World Gate Center. Actually, I don't think I have breakfast anywhere else since they opened this location. First Watch only opens for breakfast and lunch (til 2pm) and have breakfast available even during lunch hours. Their meals are freshly made and use natural ingredients. No fake eggs, veggies, etc… here! I highly recommend it for health or natural conscious people or people that are looking for healthier choices during breakfast/lunch. I love the fact that they leave a pot of freshly-brewed coffee (you can tell by the smell and temperature that it is fresh coffee) and water in you table and they server warm syrup for your pancakes, waffles, or french toasts. I’ve visited their locations in FL and good, friendly service has been consistent there too. I recommend their Floridian French Toast that is super delicious. They come covered with tons of fruits and a side of warm blueberry syrup. Although you could eat the toast w/o the syrup just with the fruits, powdered sugar and cinnamon they put on the top. Their pancakes are also really good. They are huge so order carefully. Their blueberry pancakes are my favorite. My husband’s favorite is the Acapulco Express and I love the Tri-Athlete Omelette. It’s a bit healthier choice than others omeletts but really tasty and filling. Their crepeggs are good too. I’ve had their Turkey Dill crepeggs and it was delicious. It’s hard to go wrong in First Watch. Everything is good and fresh there. So give it a try and let me know. Enjoy!

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          Hello Kokopelli! My relatives and I just tried First Watch for the first time (she's lived here for ten years!), and I'm visiting from AZ and have wanted to try FW since hearing about it from a coworker who swears by the Floridian French toast (1000 calories per entree!) two or more years ago.

          Didn't want to end up eating all 1000 calories (plus I'm allergic to bananas and possibly Kiwi), so I tried one toast each of sourdough, raisin bread, and the wheat germ (wheat featured in Floridian FT option). Delicious, esp. the wheat germ, but I prefer the crispy on the outside, creamy and soft on the inside FT of Virginia Kitchen. Plus, the FT at VK are sweet enough without having to add any syrup or blueberry compote/maple. I do appreciate how these two eateries serve real maple syrup and not pancake/corn syrup.

          My sister enjoyed her Trifecta of Belgian waffle, eggs, and bacon (I like my waffles extra crispy, so this a pass for me). Both First Watch and Virginia Kitchen serve excellent chocolate chip pancakes.