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Jun 29, 2007 11:09 PM

my sad dry yellow cake

i'm super depressed. i made the yellow cake from the best recipe (cooks illustrated)cook book and it turned out to be this dry sad cake. the ganache frosting i made was too bitter which was my fault for buying bittersweet instead of semi. i felt like the cake, even if it turned out moist, had too much of a fine consistency almost like a genoise. but with a genoise it gets soaked so there is usually no dry issue. anyway, i made it for my SO's b-day and he politely ate it but i knew it was going to the garbage after.

i baked it for the given time and i followed the recipe to a T. does anyone have a great yellow cake recipe they would like to share or any other hints or tips so i can re-do it right? Thanks!

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  1. I love that recipe--could it be that your oven runs hot and/or that you need to pull the cake earlier? This is another recipe I really like and probably use more than the CI one since it's easier. It's from Restaurant Eve:

    1. I have also made that same cake and thought it was a nice yellow cake, but I seem to remember pulling it out before the suggested time (even though my oven thermometer said the temperature was okay) - I usually use the "does the cake spring back to touch" rule rather than the "toothpick" rule which I think might lead to taking it out a few minutes early. Also, I used a jam filling along with frosting between the layers - I find this helps to make cakes more moist.

      1. Try the "dream whip" cake recipe...Get an oven thermometer, to make sure your oven is correct....go to and type in Dream Whip Cake...It is a very moist, delicious, and easy cake to make...Frost it with a chocolate butter cream frosting

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          thanks for the suggestions. i was so bothered by my little disaster that i awoke early this morning and made this pound cake recipe i had from when i took baking certificate classes. as it turns out it's my oven. there's something wrong. i took the pond cake out at 40 min (the beg time suggested) and the cake looked unbaked but it was cooked all the way through. it didn't brown or even golden tan at all. i tought it was ok b/c i always make cookies and meatloafs and they seem to be fine. thanks again and i'll run out to get that thermometer.