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Jun 29, 2007 11:06 PM

Where are the best Noodles in Hong Kong?

I travel to Hong Kong for business and typically have Dim Sum for lunch and go to fairly fancy restaurants for dinners. I have not had many suggestions to eat in smaller locally loved places, (I have a hard time trusting the hotel's suggestions.)
I am a noodle fiend, and would love to have some suggestions for the best big bowl of noodles in Hong Kong. I stay in Tsim Sha Tsui, so something near there would be best, but Central or anywhere in Kowloon would be great.

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  1. Scroll down to my posting of June13th and you should be able to find some tips on 'best won-ton noodles' etc., As for Shanghai style noodles, Shanghainese restaurants in the TST, Kimberley/Caenarvon/Cameron area all serve pretty good noodles.

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      Thanks for the input. I did see the won-ton thread, but was thinking more of hand rolled noodles. Is that Shanghai style? Any specific restaurants you would suggest?

    2. Hand-rolled noodles are generally northern cuisine, so it's not really Cantonese cuisine/food. There should be some northern Chinese restaurants that serve them.

      Peking Garden in TST serves hand-pulled noodles, I think. They have a show every night, so I think they would serve it.

      In Kowloon City, there is Chung Hing Fish Ball Noodle Shop. It's on the street across from Kowloon City plaza. They have really good fish ball noodle soup, but it's the flat rice noodle and not the hand-pulled ones you may be looking for.

      The other speciality in Hong Kong is the beef tripe noodle soup or beef brisket noodle soup. Again, this would be with the wonton noodles or the flat rice noodles (ho fun).

      1. An great alternative to Chinese noodles are Vietnamese noodles. There is a great place called Rice Paper is TST Harbor Center . Many places serve cantonese style noodles , I prefer the crunch ones

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          Perfect... I stay very close to the Harbor Center. I will try it!

        2. I can highly recommend Tai Lei Beef Brisket Noodles, if beef brisket is your thing. They also do some awesome wontons as well. It's in Burrows Street Wanchai. Menu is all in Chinese and they've been around for quite a number of years.

          1. Forget Kau Kee in Central - it's way over rated by some local mags.