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Jun 29, 2007 09:36 PM

West coast version of Skim Plus milk?

Hey guys, I'm out in LA for the summer, coming from Manhattan and i really miss my skim plus milk. It's basically skim milk with some of the water removed, so it has more milk solids and tastes alot creamier. It's sold as Skim Plus, and then Skinny Cow by Tuscan also makes a version that is way more expensive and in my opinion not as good. Does anything like this exist out here? I haven't seen it at Ralph's, Albertson's or Whole Foods. It really makes my cereal and my coffee special, so any advice you ahve would be great!

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  1. sadly, no.

    when i first i moved out here from nyc 6 years ago, i searched high & low for skim plus [or a suitable substitute], but never found one.

    i wish i had better news for you :(

    you should probably at least switch to 1% while you're out here, it does have a bit more body than typical watery skim.

    1. I really like Sun Milk, which I believe is only available here on the West Coast.

      The best way to use skim milk is in muesli, or instead of water in instant oatmeal (microwave reduces milk for a creamy result).

      Muesli: Soak rolled grains in skim milk overnight and mix in whatever you want.

      For the yogurt version of Skim Plus try 0% greek yogurt (strained) from Trader Joe's ... it's protein packed.

      What about trying a dab of fat free vanilla ice cream in your coffee? Fat free ice cream contains thickeners that may create a smooth cup of joe.

      I have a related question: Does anyone know how much fat is in non-homogenized milk if you remove the cream layer?

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        Zero, assuming you do a good job removing the cream layer. That's why skim milk is called "skim" -- you skim the cream off the top and leave the bluish water behind.

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          i was wondering if sunmilk was any good. now that i've heard a positive review i'll have to try it!