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Jun 29, 2007 09:09 PM

Hot dates in Sacramento

So we're shipping the kids off for a couple of weeks, and it's time to take SWMBO out for some upscale eating adventures. We want to try places we haven't been. 55, Masque, Mason's, Moxie, Sapor, Spataro, and (gasp) the Waterboy are all in this category, but there are probably plenty of other places that we need to try, too.

Creative preparation of great ingredients is the main (only?) factor. Atmosphere can range from intimate to open, although I'm prone to getting hives around anything that might be considered a "scene."

Sacramento and all its burbs are fair game. What's a chowhound to do?

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  1. crush 29 in roseville
    mulavaneys building and loan- went alot last summer beautiful patio but forgot about it until you posted!
    and we just went to woodland of all places and had good dinner at tannzina (sp?) bistro

      1. re: SteveTimko

        Another good place that i love very much- good food and great atmosphere
        so many new places opening out that way that i want to try but it's so hard to get there traffic wise

        1. re: toncasmo

          Lakeside liquors for wine tasting on Friday and Saturday. Different wines every night. Great atmosphere and great deals on wine.

          Then take your bottle right next door to Granitos. Small trattoria style Italin food. menu changes daily, grass fed, fresh ingredients.Lamp chops are fantastic.

          This place uses a LOT OF GARLIC. The galic bread is the best ever. Never had a bad meal here and eat there frequently. I have however had some weird times. The Chef (Lester)i s a bit irrascable. Sometimes profane and sometimes off-putting. I for one love it. Don't take it too seriously. He is also a fantastic chef. Some say here not to go there unless Lester is working. I do not know that I ahve only been when he has been working. excellent food none the less.

        2. re: SteveTimko

          We went for a special event and the preparation was dreadful. Granted it's not the regular fare but the experience turned us off.

        3. Okay, so the plan is to do the Waterboy and Mulvaney's for sure. If you had to pick one other place, what would it be?

          1. How about Chops? We had the Porterhouse Steak and Crab Cake Dinner with the twice baked potatoes there and were very impressed. The sauce on the steak was very well done and the presentation was near perfect. The atmosphere is great and the beef is fantastic, although the aging room can put some people off. The drinks were also very well done (martinis & Manhattans, yum!), including a decent wine list. Plus, a walk through Capitol Park at night after dinner is very nice, especially with the building lit up. The Crest Theatre is also nearby.