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Jun 29, 2007 07:57 PM


Loolking for some Asian recs for a trip to Paris. I know Asia is a broad spectrum but I am interested in all maner of cusine and am curious as to how they do them in Paris.


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  1. here the lists of those who jump to my mind. No shortage of Asian food in Paris I ruled out Indian, also cause I don't know any restaurant that I would find particularly interesting -- many good and OK ones for sure. No comprehensiveness here, for sure.


    Asia Palace in the mall of the Olympiades ($$)

    Passy mandarin, rue de Passy ($$$)

    Tong Yen, rue du Colisee ($$$$, jet set)

    Diep, rue de Ponthieu ($$$ - for its peking duck menu)


    Pho 14, avenue de Choisy ($ - soup for 7eur)

    Lac Hong, rue Lauriston ($$$$ - exceptional -- also same cooking by the brother for much cheaper in Guyancourt, near Versailles, restaurant has the same name)

    Co Tu, rue de la Croix Nivert ($$, yammy)


    Kinugawa II, rue Saint Philippe du Roule ($$$$$ -- one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris)

    Okame, rue du faubourg saint honore (sushis to go $$ yammy), metro ternes

    Tampopo, rue Lauriston ($$$)

    Kifune, rue Saint Ferdinand (don't speak French)

    and of course so many place in the rue sainte-anne, "japanese" quarter

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      Had wicked Thai food at Thiou in the 7th on Rue D'Orsay. Beautiful restaurant and really great, albeit very expensive food. Google Thiou and you'll see tons of positive responses.

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        TONG YEN is simply fabulous! I had few dinners and lunches there and the food is quite amazing. They have this chicken dish (poulet imperial?) that is truly crispy and is an absolute must to try! Ask the server for the 'poulet croquant'

    2. Ji Bai He
      108 Rue Olivier de Serres 75015 Paris, France
      Not fancy, but they have really great homemade Chinese dumplings.

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        Where are you now that we need you.

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            This thread is seven years old... but thanks for the Ji Bai He tip anyway.