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Jun 29, 2007 07:35 PM

Central Kitchen

My boyfriend and I wanted to grab a bite to do a little celebrating and keep it casual. We headed to Central Kitchen. We had a wonderful meal. I've always been impressed here. Good food & great bartenders. Started w/ 1/2 dozen oysters from Pemaquid, ME. Wonderful. I had the pea tendril arugula salad. Yummy. He had the cesear salad. not bad - great romaine (in season). Entrees - I had the pork chop and the hash/grits were so flavorful, my boyfriend at all of them off my plate. He had the bouilibasse, which had a nice sampling of fish/shellfish.
Martinis and wine made the evening complete.

We eat out a lot, but its nice to know we can keep coming here and we know it will be good.

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  1. We went tonight for a light supper at the bar. We had the mussels from Brussels, some olives and the cheese plate with a couple of glasses of wine. The service is always great and they do have the best mussels in town! My husband said he wished he had a spoon for the broth.

    1. i feel the same way. the food is *always* good, the service excellent, the atmosphere is fun without being boisterous... they often have yummy oysters, interesting specials, and IMO the best steak frites in town (ditto their mussels frites). oh, and they have nice (interesting) wines by the glass.

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        My husband had the Malpeques from P.E.I. they offered last night and raved about them all day today. The bartenders do their own shucking, and it is impeccable. He did not find a spec of shell in them.

        By the way, they reminded us they are closed next week for their traditional July 4th vacation week when the staff gets away and the restaurant is spruced up. They may be open by Friday or Saturday depending on when the floors are done. So, call before you go next weekend.

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          I don't get the fondness for this place. I've been maybe 2 or 3 times, never impressed, and the final time was the straw that broke the camel's back. DH noticed an insect in his salad and brought it to our server's attention. Her response was "Do you want me to take it away?"
          We should have bolted but we soldiered on, preferring not to make a scene.

          I guess if I were a mussels fan I could overlook all the other shortcoming.

        2. This sounds like the kind of place my Boston son and his wife would enjoy. Is it in Cambridge?

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              Thanks, BZ. I'll pass it along. Maybe they'll take me there, when I visit next. I do love mussels and oysters!

          1. Still the best, most consistent restaurant in town. I"m spoiled by living near great restaurants in the South End, but I'd probably trade them all for CK (except for Franklin of course!)

            1. I agree wholeheartedly. The food is great, reasonably priced with no attitude. next time try the shrimp cocktail, they do a really great job with it. The Moules frites is my favorite! A very interesting a reasonably priced wine list. Makes me wish i lived in Cambridge so I could get there more often.