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Breakfast on the Cape?

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Anyone know of a good place for breakfast just over the Sagamore or Bourne bridge (on the Cape side)? We are fans of corned beef hash, omelets, and good coffee.

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  1. The only thing just over the bridge, at least as far as I know, is IHOP, which is OK in a pinch, but I'd travel the extra few minutes into Hyannis and go to Hearth and Kettle
    www.hearthnkettle.com . There's also one in Falmouth. The Old Country Buffet also has a breakfast buffet if you're looking for quantity and price vs. quality sit down and order type. www.buffet.com

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      You won't find quality corned beef hash, omelets, or good coffee at any of those places. Maybe coffee at H & K but I wouldn't eat there. IHOP = disgusting. You should be able to find something in Sandwich just over the bridge. Just stop and ask.
      There is a place on 6A that is good for breakfast in Sandwich, just can't think of the name right now. Good luck. Stay away from Old Country Buffet. Just came to me....it's called Marshland Restaurant. Small, may have to wait but it's good.

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        I went to Marshland in Sandwich and I agree, it's a great place for breakfast comfort food.

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          6A Cafe
          415 Route 6A East Sandwich, MA 508-888-5220

          +1. Exc traditional diner b'fast.

      2. John's Capeside Diner (just over the Sagamore Bridge heading into Sandwich on the left hand side). Good diner. Good breakfast.

        1025 Sandwich Rd Sagamore, MA

        1. It's not "just over the bridge", but you can't go wrong with the Egg & I on Main St. in Hyannis.

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            "cant go wrong"????? Worst of the worst.

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              Have to differ coco but worst of the worst is Pancake Man...although Egg & I is indeed a close second. Keltic Kitchen is the best that I've had on Cape. Can't imagine choosing something like Country Buffet when visiting the Cape. That's like going to Waffle Wouse when in New Orleans, or Sizzler when in Chicago....lol.

          2. Just playing with this new feature. I only mention the buffet when people have young children they're a godsend. My kids love to eat and it gets expensive when trying to feed them at quaint little ocean view places. I prefer those and when alone with SO I choose them.

            Hearth N Kettle Restaurants
            1225 RT 132, Barnstable Town, MA 02601

            Old Country Buffet
            1070 Iyannough Rd Ste H, Hyannis, MA 02601

            John's Capeside Diner
            Rte-6A, Sandwich, MA 02563

            Egg & I
            521 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

            Keltic Kitchen
            415 Rte 28, West Yarmouth, MA 02673

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              You know of a quaint little ocean view place that serves up decent b'fast? please share!

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                I've got one. Kia Ora, on Commercial St. in Wellfleet. We had brunch there on Sunday, the food was delicious, and it sits on the creek near Uncle Tim's Bridge, with lovely outdoor seating.

            2. The Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich does a VERY nice breakfast...I believe they make their own sausage and smoked salmon. We were there several years ago and really enjoyed it.


              1. Right over the Bourne Bridge about a mile and a half down Shore Road (first right off of the rotary) is a diner I love called Hollyberry's. It is nothing out of the ordinary where the food is concerned, good eggs, good home fries, but nothing crazy. However, they have hands down the best diner coffee I have ever had. My girlfriend and I go there literally every weekend.