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Jun 29, 2007 07:14 PM

Best bagels/appetizing on Long Island (South Shore)?

Heading to the beach tomorrow, want to pick up some bagels and appy on the way. Where to go? Thanks!

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  1. Belongs on Tristate board. Always had a place I liked in Bellmore on Jerusalem Ave.

    1. Bagel Boss in Bay Shore makes a great bagel just a few miles down the road from the Robert Moses exit on Montauk Hwy and Fire Isaland ferries.

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      1. re: jenniebnyc

        Yes, we've had Bagel Boss in Oceanside, quite a good bagel and good appetizing too. We ended up at the place in Bellmore (can't recall the name though- Bellmore Bagel, perhaps? Either way, it wasn't Lotsa Bagel, also on Jerusalem Ave., which was kind of a hole). The bagel was quite good, a little sweet- appetizing was average. Thanks for the recs!

        1. re: bennyt

          Had Bagel Boss again, this time in Merrick. Definitely the better bagel. They even had "egg everything" flavor, which I have never seen anywhere else. And the whitefish salad was a cut above most other bagel places- not quite as mayonnaise-y and more discernible chunks of fish. And they make a great black and white cookie. So, a big thumbs up.