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Jun 29, 2007 07:08 PM

enoteca brunch?

I'm going to brunch with the girls tomorrow and was thinking about suggesting Enoteca. However, having not been there yet, I don't know how to describe their brunch menu to my friends (some are not hounds). What is there brunch menu like? How late do they serve from this menu? What is the price range?

I've been jonesing to go here for sometime (I love Vespaio). I think now is my chance, but I need a little info in order to coax them into seeing things my way.

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  1. They only have brunch on Sunday, so tomorrow wouldn't be good. They have eggs benedict, eggs with polenta or potatoes and your choice of niman ranch pork product, crispelles with spinach and ham, and brioche French toast. I've had the eggs with polenta and fresh fruit instead of the meat. I like the polenta; it is quite creamy and comes drizzled with a little olive oil, and my eggs were cooked correctly (poached--I hate overdone poached eggs). You can get an assortment of breads (some sweet fruit and nut quick breads and scones that come with butter, marmalade, and nutella). There's more than these items; I think their menu is online through foodhawk or some such. I believe the brunch goes until 3:00, and they tend to have a pasta special or two.

    Prices are between eight and twelve, if I remember correctly.

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        I just looked for it there and it was no where to be found. Hmmmm???

        We obvously didn't end up there....since it was Saturday....but I've filed it away for a future Sunday brunch option.

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          it used to be there - i remember checking it out a few months ago. but i couldn't find it either.

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            I just happened across the site for Enoteca Vespaio/Vespaio, buried on the second or third page of Google results -- it includes the menu for the Sunday brunch:


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              Thanks, this is great. For years I just assumed they didn't have a website.