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Jun 29, 2007 06:47 PM


I love the croissants from Clafouti. I used to get them from Niche cafe on Danforth, but sometime in April they changed their supplier to ... no one. No croissants anymore on the weekend (although they've been promising Thuet since late April and well, nothing as of yet). Does anyone know where I can get these croissants, other than the original source on Queen West?

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  1. I think the best way would be: just call Clafouti & find out.

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    1. re: ace123

      I did call, and the person who answered had no idea (!) I asked when I should call back to speak to someone who would know, and she answered, 'I'm not really sure'. Nice.

    2. Balzac's in Liberty Village on weekends carries Clafouti product. Of course, you could also just hit Clafouti if you are that close...not sure if the DD Balzac's has Clafouti.

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      1. re: diesta

        Went to Clafouti this past Thursday for lunch and although the food was pretty good, the atmosphere left much to be desired! The staff was fact it almost seemed like they didn't want to serve us. The 3 tables were cramped and facing the door, so it was always freezing. When we sat down at an empty table, a customer swooped over and said it was her table because she was at the cash register first (we gave the table to her but I thought it was pretty aggressive and rude). Also, one of the staff members at the cash register came by and tried to take our plates before we were finished (we had been there for maybe 25 minutes max and the place had cleared out so nobody was waiting for a table and there was no reason to rush us). We ordered 2 croissant sandwiches and some hot drinks which were pretty decent, but I felt so uncomfortable it was hard to enjoy them! I would not recommend this place if you are looking for a nice place to have lunch. Maybe takeout would be okay, but why support a business that doesn't seem interested in making their customers feel welcome?

        1. re: jjmuggs

          I'm not sure that an establishment can be held accountable for the "aggressive and rude" behaviour of its customers but otherwise I totally agree. The uninterested (borderline rude) service seems to be Clafouti's take on being "in-character" and imitating the stereotypical impression of Paris. Also I found that the pain-au-chocolat was only so-so.

      2. Why do you want an croissant from Clafouti? They are so often flat, soggy and not really impressive whatsoever. In the industry, other than places that sell Clafouti stuff, no one gets why people talk about them so much. The look like the dead, flat remains of a pastry, not appetizing whatsoever.

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        1. re: City_West

          I completely agree with you City West. I have always wondered why everyone thinks that they are such a great croissant. I think they are more like a brioche than a croissant.

        2. I agree, the croissants at Clafouti aren't particularly great. I love the almond and chocolate ones, but that's it. Their coffee isn't so great either. If you're on Danforth, why not go down to Queen at either Bonjour Brioche (Queen and Degrassi) or Patisserie Zane (Queen & Woodbine)?

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          1. re: currycue

            Or just walk ten minutes to Liberty Village and get some croissant from Marc Thuets place. I just have never got why people talk about Clafouti in such a revered way. Is it because the name "clafouti" sounds cool, and french? Also, Clafouti is on Queen West, across from Bellwoods park, not near to the Danforth, but Zane does have some good stuff. Also, make sure you have cash at Bonjour Brioche because they only accept cash (what's up with that?,

            1. re: City_West

              I've tried the Clafouti croissants as well and I didn't think they were that great. The dough is extremely thick and heavy...I mean these pastries are weighty. I like my croissants light and fluffy but that's just my preference.

              1. re: LovesToEat

                The plain croissants from Brick St. Bakery at Queen and Logan are fantastic: light, airy and multi-layered on the inside, crisp and flaky on the outside layers. They're also nice and buttery, without being greasy (compared to say, Bonjour Brioche's).

                re, cash at bakeries, can you say tax dodge? ;-) Seriously though, it's also about margins. It's often a big financial hit for bakeries to accept payments via credit card, especially because many of their sales are small in terms of the dollar amounts.