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Jun 29, 2007 04:42 PM

Chorizo (Asheville) review - Danna vindicated??

a so-so review...focusing a lot on the (in)ability of the staff when it comes to the menu.but overall makes me want to give it a try and Modesto another chance.

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  1. Went there today. It was delicious. I wish my mojito was better, but the food was great.

    1. stopped in last night for a drink and an app. Just O.k. The drinks (margaritas) were lacking, of all things, Ice. I know it sounds pickey, but really, a necessary on a hot day. Each glass only had a few cubes. We got the "shrimp cocktail" Which was more like pico with chopped up shrimp. TONS (too much ) cilantro. Granted, we only had a tiny sample of the place. Would try it again, but just ok from the sample we did have.

      1. As always, thanks for posting...I don't get any Asheville papers, obviously. Funny you termed it so-so, I read it as a rave, except of course for the stuff about the service.

        I have been very near insane lately getting ready for my parent's 50th, so if I have already posted a review of my dinner at Chorizo, sorry for the repeat,but if not, here goes:

        We ate there for dinner before we went to Smashing Pumkins. We had scallop ceviche w/ peaches and some avacodo mousse that I could have eaten a BUCKET of. Delicious. We had lamb lollipops which were very good. Then we had shrimp gazpacho which I had assumed to be ...well...gazpacho with shrimp when we ordered it. Instead the shrimp was in small pieces within the soup. It was fantastic. The gaspacho was really nice (husband said it was the first gazpacho he ever had that was as good as mine---he's a good husband), but the little surprise bits of shrimp really made it delicious and interesting.

        Just as the mountainx reviewer noted, the entree was weaker than the smaller plates. We got pork loin, which was cooked exactly right (yes, it's so easy to dry out tenderoin) and had a nice spicy crust and was accompanied by a delicious curry sauce. Very acceptable dish, but not one that would make me long to return ASAP. Which the other part of the meal absolutely did.

        The gold margarita was very , very good. Along with the avacado mousse stuff, and the gazpacho, I could have consumed it by the bucket. Which I wish I had, actually, because it might have anesthetized me a bit for the 6 hours I was about to stand up while waiting in line to get in Orange Peel and watching the show, which was awsome, and unbelievably loud.

        As to service, it wasn't bad this time, but I spotted the waitress we had been so unhappy with when we were there for tappas a few weeks ago, so I asked not to be seated in her section when we arrived.

        I have to go back and get some calamari w/ chocolate.

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          We were downtown Sat nite and had wine and some spreads at Sante and then sat at the bar at Limones and had mojitos and some small plates - as always, very good. I heard the same about the Smashing Pumpkins show, i.e. that it was very loud. I wonder if they adjusted it since to compensate for the smaller venue?

          1. re: leahinsc

            WHAT!???!! What did you say!???!! I'm a little deaf.

            I finally went to Limones for brunch. Very nice coffee service, decent scone, interestingly spiced carrot salad as an accompaniment. Tasty eggs, tasty crab-goat empanada, pleasant space, good service. Still...I just can't see what the fuss is. I really , really WANT to love Limones since all of you do so much, but I just can't work up the passion.

            I thought it was interesting that they didn't offer me any special breakfast-type cocktail since the drinks are such an integral part of the dinner experience there.

            Oh, that reminds me. The one thing I really disagreed w/ in the review you posted was when Hannah said hector rarely used goat cheese. I think that's one of the many reasons I love him so...I'm a goat cheese freak and he puts it in TONS of stuff.

            1. re: danna

              see, I was thinking the same thing about goat cheese. I've seen it several times at Salsa's so I know he likes to use it.

              1. re: leahinsc

                I know who also uses goat cheese...Limones! It sat atop what may be the best enchilada I've ever had--free range chicken, fire-roasted corn, and the best mole I've ever had anywhere! (Including Salsa--sorry.)

                Also, have you tried their Pomegranate Margarita yet? The perfect summer evening cocktail, IMO. (And good with brunch, too.)

                Limones remains near the top of my shortlist of Asheville's best. Guess we can't agree on everyhing, Danna!!! (Note use of three exclamation points for the newly deaf.)

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  Although I know its not actually the subject of this thread, I wanted to weigh in that we finally tried brunch at Limones too and enjoyed the food very much, though I too hadn't been that crazy about my dinner experience there. The meal was really great, though I still find things a little precious, i.e. refried beans accompanying the tamale special came in the teeniest li'l saucer of all time - come on now. The other negative is that we were seated and then forgotten about - weren't offered coffee or drinks, waiters came and served nearby tables and never even looked our way. After about 20 mins I had to walk all the way to the back to ask someone to take our order - they said we hadn't been written on "the board", but doesn't anyone ever glance around? Really odd. Excellent food, but that experience put me off a bit once more...

                  1. re: angelaf

                    your post made me laugh a bit as we were in there on a Saturday nite and were talking to the servers about how hard it is for them to turn around and do Sunday brunch the next a.m. --- they are always more chipper and friendly in the evenings.