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Jun 29, 2007 04:38 PM

Newbies Making Sausage

I made sausage for the 2nd and 3rd times last night with my KitchenAid meat grinder and sausage attachment and thought I would point out one very helpful tip.

Always use really cold/freezing meat. The sausage stuffing will go so much easier.

The first couple times I did it, the meat was cold, but it warmed up as a grinded it and stuffed it resulting in a much more gooing structure. Yes, I refridgerated it after grinding for 1/2 hour to an hour but then didn't help. Getting it to go down the meat grinder attachment was incredibly messy and a pain as the meat being as soft as it was created a seal between it and the feeder. It was so frustrating to work with.

On my next batch, I used frozen pork but which i cut up and ground and while it was still super cold, i cased it. It was SO much easier. Went by 3-4 times as fast and was a much cleaner project.

I know they always say work with cold meat because of the fat distribution, but i say work on it because it is so much easier!

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  1. Yeah, keeping it cold is critical. I use a kitchenaid meat grinder for my sausages, and am very happy with it. I do strongly recommend using a separate stuffer, since the KA stuffer attachment requires that the meat be run through the hopper a second time, which warms things up even more. I got this one from Amazon and am quite happy with it:
    It is nice because you can freeze the body of it to ensure that everything is cold, cold, cold.
    Anyway, it takes a few times, and some frustration, to figure out all the small stuff, but it is well worth the effort (I know this for a fact, I'm getting sleepy from the homemade bratwurst I had for dinner!)

    1. I second the recommendation by martin1026. While it is often recommended for the home cook, the KA stuffer attachment has never performed well for me over 15 years of occasional use. Once the meat is ground, the small screw feeder must be squished/force-fed at a tediously slow rate, and winds up changing the texture of the finished product through the churning action of the screw (yes, even with the blade & die removed and mixture chilled). I had been coveting one of those commercial vertical stuffers for years, until I finally found a smallish affordable model at, identical to the Grizzly model at Amazon. Now we always have 1 or 2 kinds of sausage in the freezer. The KA grinder itself works great. Cut and grind strips!