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Jun 29, 2007 04:33 PM

Where Can I Get Mini-Burger Buns?

Does anyone have any suggestions of where in SF I can get buns to make mini-burgers? If not, what might you use in lieu of actual, miniature hamburger buns?

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    1. I'd call some restaurants that have mini burgers on their menu and see if they can refer you to someplace that sells the buns, or maybe just sell you some buns themselves.

      RNM and Lavende come to mind.

      Those little hawaiin bread rolls might be a decent sub, or a nice sliced acme sourdough.

      1. Danilo bakery on Green St. in N.B. makes sweet little bocconcini on teensie little rolls that would make groovie mini-burgers. I'm sure they'd be happy to deal.

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          Cakebread bakery makes hot dog, hamburger rolls, etc. One is called a swedish bun and is good to use for a mini burger. You can buy them at Cal-Mart, Bryan's (the big store on Cal near Laurel,) Andronico.

        2. If you can't get mini-burger buns, you can make your own:

          Or you can use English Muffins, biscuits, or dinner rolls (with some of the inside taken out and reserved for breadcrumbs in another recipe).

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            I get the mini Hawiian Rolls and they work out great. I used them for small burgers for my sons birthday party and the kids thought they were great.

            Did you get the small burger press from William's Sonoma???

            1. re: LeagueOfHerOwn

              That is seriously one of my favorite contraptions! Mini burgers are big with my friends and the BF, so I pull it out fairly often.

              I'll have to try those mini Hawaiian rolls...making my own mini buns can get rather tedious.