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Jun 29, 2007 04:27 PM

Seattle and also to Lake Roosevelt

Hi everyone. My mom, sister, aunt, and I will be visiting Seattle for 4 days starting on July 10th and then driving out to Lake Roosevelt to stay on a house boat. I am hoping to get LOTS of suggestions on any place that we need to check out both in Seattle and also on the way to Lake Roosevelt. Any and all suggestions would greatly be appreciated. But, also maybe some fun nightspots! Thank You!!!

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  1. Where on the lake are you picking up the boat? Not many towns around there.


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      I have absolutely no idea. I have never been to Lake Roosevelt. I will check on that.

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        Look for threads about eats around Chelan, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth. These are towns along US2 which is likely to be your route from Seattle to the Lake. Alternatively you might drive I90 as far east as Moses Lake and then north.


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          Okay, I found out we get the boat in Wilbur...I believe... But, I am also looking for fun Seattle places.

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            what kind of budget range? how adventurous/what kind of food preferences?

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    's footing the bill becuase it the girls last hurrah together before my little sister moves to Texas. Soooo, anything goes. How adventurous???? We are up for anything! Mom and I love all kinds of food. Sister is much more picky...but honestly, we just make her deal with it and try new things.

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              Wilbur is in the middle of the wheat fields south of the lake on US2. I've been through there but not stopped. Coulee City to the west is a bit larger, and more likely to have some vacationer oriented places. Take a look at the recent Wenatchee thread.


      2. There are hundreds of threads on Seatte you could look at on this board for ideas (covering all sorts of topics, such bargain places, good views, good cocktails, high end, seafood, ethnic, etc etc). There's thousands of restaurants of all types here-there's no way to help you unless you do your own homework, then come back if you have specific questions. Very vague questions like your tend to be ignored.

        1. We just returned from our trip last night. I ended up finding some suggestions elsewhere on this page, and was quite pleased. When we arrived we went to Icon Grill for lunch and a great Mandarin "Lemon Drop" Martini. We had a great bartender. We shared the Yellow Pepper soup which was amazing and the chicken fingers (little sisters choice) and those were also great. Our bartender informed us that they had half price Washington Wines on Wednesdays, so my mom decided we would definately return. We then stopped at Gene Juarez for an amazing massage, also at the recommendation of the staff at Icon Grill. After the massages, we definately needed another martini, so we hit Vons next door. Also great. That evening we had Cutters for dinner. I had a smoked salmon chowder and a beet salad. The salad was great. The next day, we did indeed return to Icon Grill for dinner before heading to the Little Red Hen for karoke. We had lunch at Matts at the Market. We didn't have a reservation. I didn't think we would need one at 11 am on a weekday. I was wrong! We were the first people in line and the only people without a reservation that they had room for. I will make a reservation there for every return trip in the future. I had the Catfish sandwich which was great. We sat at the side bar and our bartender/waiter was excellent and so friendly (he made a mean bloody mary!!!). I loved the atmosphere and the food here. We didn't make it to Zig Zag, which we really wanted to. We will have to go next time. Thanks for the great suggestions, chowhounders!