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Jun 29, 2007 04:27 PM

Jorge Arredondo's enchiladas

Well, it's Friday and am once again thinking fonding of enchiladas. You may remember, the Jorge Arredondo kind. Casita Jorge's (Elmont and others- not any variety on Hancock Dr.) Followed the food all around town. He or his relatives had many restaurants. The latest with the Jorge's in Round Rock and then the Aus Tex Mex Cafe on the IH35 frontage road near the UT campus. If you ever had them, you know what I'm talking about. No substitution, no replacement. Anyone happen to know whether any of the family has opened up another restaurant? Thanks!! Any replies appreciated.

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  1. I remember the Aus Tex Mex Cafe. Aster's Ethiopian is now there. Not sure if the family has opened up a new location though.

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        i don't think he has opened up a new place in austin. i loved that place. there are lots of good enchiladas of different types around town (my favorite is the cheese michocan at las manitas, but that is far from the tex mex style at arrendandos). the closest i can think of to aus tex mex cafe is enchiladas y mas

      2. Manny Arrendondo lives just around the corner from me. We chat occaisionally. At this time there are no "Arredondos" cooking except for Roe at Enchiladas Y Mas. Unfortunately, he's lost the touch when it comes to enchiladas and no one is sadder about that than I.

        Some of the Arrendondos recipes can be found at El Mercado and Maudie's. El Mercado's original chef "graduated" from Jorge's and "moved" some of the recipes from Jorge to there and Jorge and Roe themselves helped launch the Maudie's on Lake Austin Blvd. Every now and then those two places "get it right" and they almost approximate the original taste of Jorge's, but nothing, brother, I mean nothing taste like an enchilada dinner cooked by Manny, Robert and especially the Old Man himself..

        1. I have been trying to find out where Jorge Arredondo relocated after the Round Rock restaurant closed but can't find him. Does anybody know what happened that resulted in the Round Rock location closing and where Jorge went?